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Has anyone ever received compensation from any glitch, ever?

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  • Has anyone ever received compensation from any glitch, ever?

    Of course there are the comps that we all get in hot events, but if a glitch happens to you and you lose stuff, has anyone ever received a specific comp for that? R2 says they give out comp for glitches, just NOT for player mistakes. The R2 Ticket Team even blatantly lied to me (twice) saying they would give comp for glitches, but of course never did.
    Starblaze - S658

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    jup they give comp for glitches, i lost some b and bb when doing learning skill for free, but it used my b and bb.. i got some back today. Problem isnt solved, but im happy that i got something back.
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      There are compensation packages that never come close to what most players lose for glitches. For example, Guild Battle was shut down for a while and did we receive all the honor/insignias we lost? No. We just had a merger and lost out on a Guild Battle and the weekly prize too. Compensation packages are rarely even close to adequate, but it's how they choose to operate.


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        I see, I see. So at least one person got personal comp for a glitch that stole stuff from them. I actually had that glitch as well, and they never gave me anything back. Fought them on that for a month or two. Perhaps you just happened to be recording your screen at the time so had more proof.

        And I did say I was asking about comps that were not in hot events. I have seen many comps that all players get (even if the glitch did not effect them) via hot events, but have so far been promised comp with no further communication afterwards (and no comp, of course). Even if I pester them every few days for a fortnight, no response.

        Then they have the nerve to respond after I give up for another fortnight with the auto-response 'we have not heard from you for 2 weeks so we assume the issue is resolved' They can be so arrogant.
        Starblaze - S658


        • #5
          yes I got items back once.....out of 50 times

          Its easier to just start a chargeback after a few replys back then argue for months.
          There customer service sucks and is easier to just do a chargeback and use there support emails to prove they aren't trying to help or give you back what you paid for. I have not lost a chargeback yet on legit claims I had where they don't even try to help they just talk in circles and hope you go away.


          • #6
            Yeah that is a very good idea, and a great choice of words. "They just talk in circles and hope you go away."

            That pretty much sums up R2 'support' in a nutshell.
            Starblaze - S658


            • #7
              i did get stuff back once. was with the tresuryinv mess up.
              lost all gems diamonds. so on...funny thing was never had the damn thing opened back then

              even then it took over a week till i got any back, then another to get rest.

              and doubt i got all back as i had no idea what i had on as total :P
              buuut. well better than most on that mess up still for me
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              • #8
                Because of mergers, we lose out on insignia/honor/beads. No compensation. And we're all holding our breaths for their lag fix they promised a year ago. I think Windows 10 devs and Wartune devs are the same people...


                • #9
                  Well, after a month or two with one of my glitches that stole 600 BB, they finally responded saying if I put 30 White Iron in the first slot in my bag, the Devs will take it and give me my 600 BB back (I lost 600 BB as my White Iron was locked and it stole BB without telling me).

                  They have yet to deliver on this promise, but we'll see.
                  Starblaze - S658


                  • #10

                    When R2 use to charge gold for enchanting sylph items.

                    They swiftly removed 3 weeks later and I got all of the gold back used on enchanting items.

                    Nothing more than that though, in 4 years from memory.


                    • #11
                      Yeah I remember the comp for the gold cost being removed. Pretty good, but more of a general comp for all (or almost all) players due to a game change. I was meaning personal comp for a glitch that you encountered that is rare.

                      Well, so far, the Devs have now removed 30 white iron from my bag and will apparently comp me 600 bound balens within 5 business days. We shall see. If they do this, R2 and the Devs will earn a lot of my respect back.
                      Starblaze - S658


                      • #12
                        meh...they removed 600+ clothing items from my mail & never gave back a damn. that was for a bug introduced by the June patch & possibly fixed by mid-July.


                        • #13
                          Wow, that is terrible. 600+ clothing items gone and nothing compensated for you.

                          Well, it is a miracle, but the devs actually refunded my 600 bound balens (after taking 30 white iron). They have earned back a lot of my respect. They still never refunded the 300 bound balens I lost to the sylph skill glitch, but this is twice as good.

                          Surprising. I guess my screenshot of the white iron not asking permission to take BBs and another screenshot of it actually asking permission for Blue Crystaloid helped as proof.
                          Starblaze - S658