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Post Grab: How could we stop some greed?

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    Well...if you are like my alt, being on a map with 1 team having 150+ players and 20+ people above 20M BR and they can gather 20+ players instantly,
    while the other 3 teams are all less than 15 people and highest of any member of them is less than 5M BR, then all "tactics" or "strategy" is nothing but a joke.
    There's no way to move out of spawn if every player on the opposite side can beat every player on your side.
    Lots big's alts are still 2 times the BR of our highest player, and 7-10x the BR of our average player.
    Even if you lag bomb them (you know what I'm talking about), the battle still won't last until the last 5 minutes to let you lock out the opponent.

    My Eastern guild used to be in the 200-300M guild br range, and had some 50+ actives and semi-actives, but most of us didn't play the game daily and most hardly showed up for any timed events (typical tree/beast/DA/Outlands/Imperial participation was 2-6 people).
    I've made every effort to win, but it was hardly possible to find people online, hardly find the online ones not AFK, and even harder to make them join the event, not to mention to ask them to participate or follow strategy.
    Even my game spouse, who was supposedly the most loyal member in my guild, had refused to join post grab. That was why I merged guild and kicked everyone.
    It actually feels quieter and gives better rewards alone, but I guess I play this game for friendship and not for rewards LOL
    So now only my tiny alt (to keep guild) has this luxury.

    Originally posted by R27377783 View Post
    ...both toons getting entirely kicked out of the battle due to some bug when one of them loses a fight...
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who reported this bug

    It's still a "little" harder to lock out the opponent if the other side has 15+ people while you could at most have 3 including your alt. LOL