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Crystaloids. An impossible task

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  • Crystaloids. An impossible task

    We have got to fix this. This is insanity. You want me to cough up 80 level 3 crystaloids, PER PIECE of lv 40 equipment? Doesn't sound to hard. Oh yea...the whole thing of 10:1 ratio. So that's 800 lv 2, or 8000 lv 1 crystaloids.

    Oh and the fact that if I blow my full 160 stamina, every day and grind for crystaloids, I have a whopping 10/80 lv 3 by the time I have now hit lv 40. Making it impossible to get my lv 40 gear. By the time I get 80, 4 times I'll be level 50 or higher.

    This is insanity, and need to change. Make crystaloids pop up more often, reduce the synth requirements, and make them buyable in packs in the shop. I don't care, but at lv 40. I have 1/8th the required materials for ONE item. Not even all 4, no ONE.

    Fix this. Otherwise this game is dead to me. Arena gear should not be the -only- gear used becuase synth gear is neigh impossible to get.

    Oh one other important feature. Make it so we can take higher level crystaloids, and deconstruct them DOWN into the next lower tier, at a 5:1 ratio.


    1 level 5 crystaloid breaks down into 5 level 4 crystaloids
    and so on and so fourth.

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    What no one wants to see these changed and made more accessible?

    I don't exactly want them handed out like candy, but when you want 320 of an item set that I can get 10 of by the time I hit lv 40, actively -trying- to get lots of them, then don't expect me to be happy. I don't have bad luck, they never drop.


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      ye its pretty dumb need 800 for lvl 50 set im lvl 63 and only have 200. even worse now with only 3 multi attempts per day. they should reduce this by ALOT.


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        yes guys u right that imposible to reach enough cryst..and what about leg.stones,only few guys who spend 8k balens have 1 legendary item/trinkets almost/ and that is from event !


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          Well... Is INSANE no other words for that. The time you need collecting lvl4 cristaloids to work your gears you are already trying get lvl5... is a bit damn.. wth...

          Now.. epic gears... is another insane thing... well I dont want easy things, we need work to get it... a few can spend ballens to get it, is another thing. But wth... I really dont want epic lvl40 or 50.. only will work for 60.. and you know how much gold you need to spend??? or what you need to do to get it??? I think only 1 or 2 players in every server (perhaps) could ge it. and really dunno if I'm saying to many ppl..


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            So can we get something done about this, becuase as it is this is no longer fun to play. I just want a way to progress that isn't hell on earth.


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              I agree,but i think in pvp and pve, arena set is still the best.. Blacksmith set is only advisable for Full suppport Mage i guess.. Because they need Rage.. And yes, that is impossible to have High lvl blacksmith set.. Thats the problem,hehe!


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                They sure have a funny way of going about things. They make pve gear so costly to make, but the stats are laughable compared to pvp set which can be obtained in a week or less. If they want to keep the cost, they should have a major boost in pve stats like deal 2k more dmg if you have full set instead of 300 for lvl 50 set. Its pathetically weak and when used in dungeons, doesn't make it any easier than when we're using pvp set since we now have lesser hp and don't even talk about nightmare mp dungeons. Even with lvl 50 set, doing nightmare lvl 50 mp dungeons is impossible unless you have a heavy casher mage. They really need to revise the cost of crystaloids and also the legend stones required. 100 stone per lvl 50 item when you can't even do lvl 50 nightmare dungeons is a joke =.=

                Hopefully they will sober up instead of keying in requirements at 100 lvl 50 legend stones or 200 lvl 4 crystaloids like a drunk. The rewards of getting it is not worth the effort in taking up the challenge...hopefully the Devs will take note of this thread and do the necessary revisions to the equipment stats/ cost of synth.
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