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    Ok so i think they did a magnificent job with guild battle right down to the limitation of participants. The only problem i have is with the effect its having. -_- All of the smaller guilds are merging with the one of the top 2 just so they can be say they are part of the the balance of power messed up so much that 3 mil battle rating guilds are fighting 50k ones i mean cmon thats just messed up. In fact on s13 a lot of the guilds rated under 10 dont even bother trying to defend in GB. I really think they need to drastically cut the maximum number of members allowed in each guild cuz this is ridiculous.

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    I agree fully with this. Server 61 is the same problem. We had 2 guilds at the top and players from lower guilds began joining the top 2 since the guild battles begun. My guild in particular merged with one of the top 5 guilds just to compete better against the top guild on the server. Most of our guild battles are a no show or just a total slaughter. One guild we beat easily but they put up a good fight and then the top guild has beaten us the last couple of weeks but we are getting better against them. All the lesser guilds are getting weaker and weaker while the top 2 stronger and stronger.


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      This is a very normal effect guys. I'm in one of the top two guilds on S10 and have been with this guild from the beginning. People from dying guilds all joined the guild Oblivion which is ran by 2 of the heaviest cashers in our server. They take #1 weekly because they have like 7 of the top 10 br people and most of the top 20 players for lvl. Its going to happen, you just need to learn how to work around it and take what you get. If you cant win right now, recruit and grow stronger. if the top guild is good for one thing, Guild battle, and its a **** guild that offers little to no help or treats members badly, they'll leave and join a different guild and topple the once mighty guild, right now its a sit, recruit and wait type of thing with guilds all across the servers.
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