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The Season is upon us

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  • The Season is upon us

    soon, the servers will go down and the season begins

    And the BIG GREEN men will come out with their BIG sticks looking for turkeys so they can place these sticks up where the sun
    doesn't shine on those poor turkeys.

    I wish to start a petition to ban this cruel sport of sticking the stick in the stickies turkey place, I hope you all agree that this is a vicious sport, just so the big
    green man can have a weapon

  • #2
    Thought those were chickens on those sticks that are being wielded by those big green men in Santa Suits.....
    Vicious! Approach with Caution!
    Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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      the season where r2 become scrooge again lmao

      good luck on getting a xmas prezzie lol the way the events are even the 3 ghosts ave bugs and wont appear this year

      and to the green man waving the turkey its been used for 2 years the turkey is ripe and foul by this touching u it will give u ecoli and u die a painful death

      come on r2 get the big red fat man called santa with a lollipop to attack us this year
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