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  • quit or less stuff

    if wartune will not reduce the activities of at least 3-4 times that we have , most of players will leave (also me).

    is time of change the things but NOW . not 1-2 years later when wartune will have lost 99% of players.

    remember that wartune is still alive because there are the old players that play or back. new players not want play in a game that keep too time.

    play in this game it's ok, but work in stead of play NO. and we neither be paid for this. so dear wartune, or you start to pay us or reduce this DAMN activities.

    i can skip some things but i'll gain only 30m - 1h . change pratically nothing. are always 10-14 hours of game. TOO .
    every hero has his hamster!

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    They need to streamline all the little "crappy" things we have to do like farming, and micromanaging things like that. Dimensions needs to be a lot faster. It can take an hour a day to do them.


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      Dull, time-consuming tasks are practically a feature of the game, and they cleverly sell shortcuts to some of them.

      I don't think reducing time obligations is necessarily the way to keep players. At least on my server, quite a few players dropped off after the switch to weekly events rather than daily. The game does need something to make people spend hours in the game.

      Dimensions would be a pretty good candidate to streamline, though, since it's extremely repetitive and does take a huge amount of time. I'm surprised they haven't offered some spirit covenant option to speed it up yet.