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more hp and guild events

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  • more hp and guild events

    increase more hp of world boss , guild beast , and in guild battle add more hp from ward and reduce a lot the points done from ward. at least 100/1000 times in less.

    i not enter in top 10 from 3-4 months (or maybe 1-2 times but are too fews) and often i'm in front to ward and when someone take it i attack.

    also weak players do too damage. how many time we must still wait the changes?
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    More hp for guild beast?! Don't give them that horrible, unspeakably awful idea. You should get devotion just for entering, like DA. Same with WB. Now with WB they can't increase hp. Maybe they should bring back the third WB.


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      Simple Solution = No More Merges. Especially with those who are years ahead of yours, so everyone can have fun at WB and GW.
      (Has anyone broke 100M BR yet???)
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