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Suggestions for new insignia shop items

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  • Suggestions for new insignia shop items

    With the previous patch guild shop has been changed quite a lot and I would like to see some changes in arena shop aswell.

    1) Henna, advanced henna and advanced mahra could be added to it. 10 insignia for henna, 50 for adv. henna and 100 for adv mahra seem reasonable to me.
    2) Armor decorations and crystaloids could be discounted or removed as they are easier to get than ever with increased MPD rewards and archeology.
    3) Mount whips, exp scrolls and refinement crystals might also be a great idea.

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    EXP scrolls? If I think it's for the sylphs, you don't need them as your sylphs come at the same level as you, even out of the box.
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      The only xp scrolls that would be worth buying are the ones that boost xp gained for an hour. IF it is those xp scrolls that he is talking about then they would be of great use.


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        Yes, i meant +100% and +200% xp scrolls (not sure if they would consider adding the best xp boost scrolls though). Adding sylph xp scrolls would be the most stupid idea ever and it would add up to the "useless items that need to be replaced or exchangable for something useful" list.