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  • engraving

    as with soul crystal when maxxed out engraving we had an exchange event for those of us that no longer needed, how about doing the same for henna and tattoo engarving ?
    Shadow Vale

  • #2
    I use excess soul crystals and seals for farming tree for marriage.

    Once run out I will be doing the same for henna.

    Henna can be used to get negative stats to as low as 1500-1600 to improve BR.


    • #3
      As Sly said, this is one option for using the spare and excess henna. I know some people have also been using their excess to feed their wedding tree as well. So far about exchanges and trade ins.. we have no word on anything to that nature but please keep an eye on the news and events because we truly never know what the future will bring. I do think this is a nice idea, especially with how plentiful they have made normal henna so thanks for suggesting it.
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