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guild battle , world boss , tank trial

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  • guild battle , world boss , tank trial

    server kongregate-11 finally got a merge with the server kongregate-3 but are started some problems that i think have all the servers (also to us but was less). i believe that each server should have 1500-2000 players for be good servers , funny and active.

    in guild battle :
    all the guilds have done pressing to me of do the devo gb. what is the devo gb? not take the towers, attack the opponent ward doing 0 points and give the devotion to all. who not do so are considered selfish . I'M VERY ANGRY ! . i want fight and who is selfish are who not write here to say/suggest what not work.
    please, remove the towers and the wards. remove the limit of 4k points for win the guild battle. is better fight only vs the players and to end win who have done more poiints after 10 minutes.

    in tank trial :
    many players want the victory gifted. 1st team that have done 1 kill for each player in his team deserve the victory and the others must not play or they will be hated . or players go afk . NOT ME LIKE! .
    tank trial should be long 5 minutes always and more points do a player and more rewards will gain. please, add also another rewards because many players not are very interested to the runestones. and remove that the kill give more points.

    in world boss :
    seems that wartune have problems to do numbers higher of 2b. maybe is a limit of flask player. world boss should have the res and also very high. 5 minutes of fight and unlimited hp (or restore hp of wb when we fight).
    we'll never do 2b damage in a run if the world boss will have high res. this at least till the flash player will unlock the values +2b. sometimes players say to strong players of not fight or they not come for gift more rewards to others. NOT ME LIKE!

    we are considered selfish from players that are so lazy of suggest here something but only of write a lot without say nothing for improve this product. and who give the soul to this game playing as we should do, are considered selfish. please, consider the things of do some changes.
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    My take on the subject:

    Guild War
    I think they should remove the devotion for such as only the top 8 guilds with 50 players each can get it. The rest of the players are out of luck. It's pointless in my opinion. Keep the rest for GW, but do something with the f*expletive*in' lag.

    Tank Trials
    Yeah, you will get a few d*expletive*s that will just sit there and do nothing for your side. I never know the true mechanics behind a tank battle as it can go anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes a fight or who is getting the points.

    World Boss
    Forget it! They (devs) introduced KH and Titan skills that makes a person uber powerful. I am not even surprised if a player that HIGH is able to one-shot the WB. Changes to the WB (if you think on your server) will affect all WBs no matter if new server or old server. Take a lesson from ToK where a level 38 could not do the first stage easy because of the "one size fits all" method.
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      i find the decision to limit the attempt( AKA "leave and you lose yours) and removing the morning tank are one of the most idiotic decision ever by R2.

      as for the other 2, everyone knows they're stupid so i dont need to say anything more.
      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
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