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Guild Chambers :: complete guide suggestions

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  • Guild Chambers :: complete guide suggestions

    Well I will make a guide with some suggestions about that and some new ideas.

    Guild Chambers really needs to be improve, why? because its boring and the real game-play there is annoying. For example.. invaders, they dont appear in a short period of time, almost all days without ppl to energize the tree, and r2games can make more suitable options there.

    Some thoughts:
    1. During Guild Ancient Tree can we get a Huge Big Mega Ultra Invasion??? So people start make from GAT one event to make everyday. Perhaps fighting the same way like GB, in group. But something really fun to do, not only waiting 3minutes for mushroms during 15min. Outside GAT time, keep coming some invaders, but perhaps more invaders.. and/or different levels. I mean.. I'm a mage, i get invaders I shot all dead. and I can go fast to another (Believe me, I'm leaving them for the guildies, to help them somehow) if we get harder invaders for each lvl player or something.. perhaps is better. different reward?? I think not.
    2. Can we have something to change the Chambers Aspect?? like each 5 lvl something different. or each 10.. building the chambers, for more rewards, compensations and fun. using Wealth from guild, perhaps.

    Some Threads:
    1. One 24h tree idea.
      About Guild Ancient Tree
    2. One thought about the impossible way to get full guild energize the tree
      About Guild Ancient Tree
    3. Why not a 24h invaders?
      About irregular inavsion

    1. Guild Quarry >> can you give some use to it in next patch?? Or explain what the use for it in the future?? (like Homestad...??
    2. More Guild Members Work for Guild benefit >> Can we have something like a mine for all guildies work a few time each day to give something for the Guild, like a Build or something then all guildies can get something from the Guild to increase mount whip gains, or more stuff for GB or items to work on gears...