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R2 is not fair to Non Casher!

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  • R2 is not fair to Non Casher!

    I cannot believe the changes in this game now! Outland unfair matching, Eaudomon arena unfair matching BG unfair matching, tok same.
    so now if your not a big casher you will not be competitive. The fun is gone! I cant believe how r2 does not care for its loyal players everyone on my
    server s110 arequitting! A lot of my friends don't have the cash like some of these players and you want to match us up with them! Its straight Bull ....!!! you have
    to be rich anymore to play the game. Its not fun anymore! so go ahead R2 depend on your big cashers to keep your game going because most of
    us will not and we will quit not like you all care or anything anyways. The only way to grow is cash! well im done! Nighttrus has had enough! I spend but this is ridiculous!
    adios! Soon i will be quitting too. not spending anymore it does not help! thanks for ruining a great game!
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    Outland Contest
    I think people are exploiting in kicking everyone out of the guild and have a person whose BR (single) is almost the same as a starting out guild of weaker members (or newer servers) or just attend late into the contest (as one site said they will be automatically matched with the lowest BR). I gotten a team where it's all KH/Titan folks and my personal guild is about 10-12 Million BR (both my team and my wife's team).

    Eudaemon Arena
    This goes with regular arena matching as well. I don't know how they do match up on such as you can be the lowly player with 30k BR facing off 4 (complete with Euds and Titan) that will pummel you. Same goes for Eudaemon as it goes by points (I guess). I just go in for the AFK fights and stock up on stuff.

    It's always unfair. Seems like you hit the bracket (especially at the 70+) where they throw you in with 80s, Class Advancement, Knighthood, and Titan Skills types of players. They should kept that portion separate. No more excuse "oh there isn't enough players" when there are 15 different platforms all intertwine into one (for glorious lag issues to boot). But they will never do it.

    This is one "one size fits all" method the devs really messed up on. First, because it opens when you hit level 38, so you expect the easy difficulty to only have the shadows without any sylphs, euds, or eud sylphs. However, this is far difficult (even for newer servers) to get past through. There were suggestions on how to fix it, including a detailed map that I gave out on its design. However, the devs aren't going to hear of it.

    This would have been a really neat game to play years on. However, it's beginning to become a bore-fest; not to mention the selection of clothing that has been coming out makes me what to commit hirree kirree (or however you spell it as I can only sound it out) in putting myself out of my misery.
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    Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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      At least you seemed to have just returned to the game and found out how unfair it is now.
      We've been living with it for like 2 years already.
      Now basically only the top cashers could feel a slight bit of happiness in game, and even they can't feel happy overall, because outside of game, their wallet becomes flatter and their personal time is hammer into a shin.


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        common thinking look at screen when logged in how many ways to cash and cash events / to how many ways to get help from wartune / r2


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          Oh you mean the swirlies that come at you at full force that you want to smack them upside the head and tell them to shut up, those cash things? And yeah, TOO MANY CASH-BASED EVENTS AND NOT ENOUGH DAYS FOR FREE ONES!!!
          Vicious! Approach with Caution!
          Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
          Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
          Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60


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            Ive resolved to play the game to see my toon progress rather than to see my toon win….it greatly affected how i felt about the unfairness of the game…id suggest you try doing the same.


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              even 'progress' is quite limited now, considering they've basically made most useful upgrade items hard to get but easy to buy, while the easy pieces are generally much less useful.
              and if you are a new player now, without help from bigger players, the 'low hanging fruits' are still not easy to reach without paying, and it's hard for the paying player to help you since for most of the time they don't need you.


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                With this game, I am down to silly gimmicks to amuse me. Right now, I am thinking I can build a character to beat lvl 100 crypt in one day. I gave it a good 4 hour try, but got bored and gave up. Here is how I think it will work (roughly 10-12 hours) ...

                The goal is to reach level 70 (for eudamon and 70-troops). Here is how I hope to do it ... let me know if I am missing anything.

                - Start on a freshly merged server. It gives a bonus exp. boost and 30 daily bounties (vs 20).
                - Do run on Monday or Thursday to fish for shadow crystals and bounty scrolls.
                - Do solo dungeons/heroes until i get to level 45 (for full 1000% exp boost)
                - Gaining farm friends is easier during server merges ... steal exp. from farm friends.
                - Try to find a for-devotion Spire run with people that can clear all 24 levels (700mil exp and 200ish shadow crystals).
                - Be sure to get in guild tree and three campfires.
                Note: a new shadow crystal quest is provided every 5 levels.

                For strength/br on day 1 ...
                - Academy: get kyanite wherever I can (150k given from timers and quests, steal on farms)
                - In farm, level up farm to 5 and grow kyanite every hour (and steal kyanite).
                - make lvl 3/4 astrals, hope for purples
                - make lvl 30 gear, buy level 50 jewelry/rings, enchant it
                - gems: guild wheel, map completion, 150 devotion, crypt (using free key)
                - run 50 circuit quests (using balens on hard ones) to get 1300 soul crystals and 2 fashion cores (for lvl 1 clothing bonus)
                - will need "week 2" events to exchange 6 event items for 24 warpath (level 3)
                - complete first level of Sky Trail for a few hundred sepulcrum. Feed it to sylph (iris).
                - Guild skills

                ... what did i miss?


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                  try this on R2Games S1 & see if you could find a guild, get a friend or get any help with anything at all. lol

                  if you start on an old server and could still get fiends & help, it's not hard to catch up no matter what patch version we are at.
                  my patch 6.1 alt (played for some 40 hours over a 60-day period) has red gears. but she's in an active guild & my main carries her.
                  aside from myself, however, no one seems to offer any help tho. still has only my main and 4 other players on friend list. still lvl20 farm.
                  except for cross-server devotion & outlands blessing, no one seems to need her for anything else.
                  & most people don't want to add a newbie just for farm revive.


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                    i fail to see how free stuff for none cashers will help?

                    surely even the cashers will get free stuff too leaving you in the same boat as before.
                    Shadow Vale


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                      Wartune has always been cash to win. I wish it weren't so uneven, but that's the game; it always has been that way. I faced a weaker opponent, but then he sylphed with a merged sylph, which is incredibly cheap with it's skills and lost to a weaker opponent. But it's cash to win, like most "free" games.


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                        I could not care less about the whole casher/non-casher gap,I'd
                        be happy with a few solo options vs the lame *** dungeons that
                        need 2 players to even enter.and guild leaders that pay attention
                        to who is online during GB too. (I lead a kinship,I notice when
                        my members come online and logoff.)

                        not everyone can be on at the right time,so tossing players a
                        solo option to get stuff they need would be nice.

                        off topic,but there is nothing to solo
                        that gives insigna is there.
                        (been out of them for 3 months now.)
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                          Of course Wartune is unfair to the non-casher and it always has been!
                          Want to play and have fun, change your focus. Enjoy friendships, guild, and stuff like that.
                          Know that eventually everything in the game will become available through normal game play.
                          Wait for stuff to be "non premium". Never gamble. Nothing in Wartune is worth anything IRL.
                          Laugh at #1 because he is a fool.
                          There is zero skill involved in this game anyway, #1 is meaningless.
                          No player is truly better than anyone else.
                          It is a social game and its more fun to play it that way than to focus on player rankings.
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