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What are the advantages to playing for 4 years?

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    I remeber when all started and refreshed memories the last days with reading and watching old things from a blog which may not be mentioned from the year 2013.
    When spire had 10 stages and we didnt had permanent runes. And had really hard work to get equiment stuff. But it was a funny time.


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      I really think they need to do gift packs for long time players as a reward for sticking with it so long. As is, there is zero difference between playing 4 years or 6 months.


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        I think other than mounts and some clothing, you haven't missed other's have said most of the BR everyone has now is a pretty recent addition. There might be a couple titles for events that no longer exist, but the boost was so minimal you'd never notice. They've made it so you don't really have to evolve your toon over a long period. Back when the game first started mpd's really were multi-player....if you didn't have a strong group for some of them, you weren't getting through. Now most everyone can solo or dual them. Hell, at one time solo dungeons could actually be challenging. You had to make sure you brought the right skills and used them at the right time or you were dying.

        You also missed out on world bosses that lasted more than 2 minutes and guild battles that really were battles and could last for a half hour or more instead of 30 seconds.


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          Originally posted by gibsondion View Post
          Dude, you just missed out on the joy of watching the game evolve. You also missed on the euphoria of the beginning days when there weren't half the benefits that you have right now and you had to ACTUALLY use strategy and battle formations to win Arena Battles and other group activities.

          Lol, I'm happy for your fast advancement tho… truly sound like a next generation who might have a hard time appreciating what went before that has allowed you to have the privilege you now enjoy. So you cashed…big whoop. The real test of mettle is to make it to your level without cashing. (it is extremely difficult and to be there now as a non casher you'd have probably needed to be playing this game 24/7, not missing an event .

          please note that the last 1.5 years of the game has seen a change of developer s hands and with it the new player does not have to stress about the many in-game intentional time and activity restrictions that were designed to keep us hooked on the game.
          The farm had major limitations, Academy & everything Hall of Heroes had time restrictions to how fast and how much you could advance…there were No Sylph Refinement or upgrades, No Eudamons or Tattoo, Battle Protect, Dimensions, Smelting Equipment, (only 1 of those 3 fate stones existed), No Holy Forge, No Spirit Fury or Soul Barriers……All the sweet stuff that give you your current boost in BR, they weren't available then, and the few that were available, the rewards were very small and less frequent than they are now with new events.
          Today you can buy or get equipment shards in the guild shop or by archeology…before this we had to wait each day to get 1 opportunity to run 1 Hall of Heroes event to get 5/10 Shards and keep going until we could get leveled equipment. And we couldn't just jump to lvl 80 because there weren't as many stronger players to take us through the events…We had to get full sets of each equipment from lvl 30, 40 , 50 (many skipped 60 and went to lvl 70).

          Clothing & Mounts were mainly a casher thing and were very rare. It's only from the beginning of this year that mount & clothing events were released more regular (or given away in daily rewards for that matter).

          Lol…Odin & Frigga you say??..congrats…,many non-cashers from long ago still don't have these…lol…Congratz, you have also maxed everything.

          - What i can suggest is that you may be weak in two main areas…. 1. Titles (Battle Ground & Arena in particular) and 2. Honour Level …the only other area i can think of would be a number of specialty activities and titles that gave BR that are no longer features in the game but for those who participated and received them in that time, they alone would benefit now.
          I remember those days. You could actually enter BG and not come under attack constantly plus the players then were more courteous and willing to assist regardless of where you were BR-wise. I was still in the process of leveling my sylphs where after a leave absence the leveling was done for me with a patch.

          All I had was a single special mount and that was earned from a free event chest which shocked everyone on my then highly active server. Things were so much simpler back then and fun.

          At OP: The advantage of playing for 4 years or since the game started? Well it depends on who you ask and how they approached the game. Some who started from the beginning that didn't cash made use of the then possible level camp technique. This meant that they took their time with leveling till each stat for that level was maxed on all attribute groups (if I'm using that correctly).

          These guys had high advantages since their BR was higher than that of their fellow players. Monster BR to me was anything above where I could achieve though the highest I saw 3 years ago was upwards to 1M+ (I was new back then).


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            Camping back then was really usefull to max out stats to be stronger than everyone else. Today there are still some campers (for BG it is still usefull) but for the rest of the game it doesn't matter anymore. Hell, you have the dissadvantage of not being able to reach the 300 dev each day. Camping on lvl 60 means that you cannot do the daily DI or do eud-patrol and thus it is very hard to get fashioncores. Fashioncores are still very important. Most people think first of BR and stats but they also raise the rage you start with each battle.

            A high clothinglevel gets you to start with a strong skill wich gives you a big advantage over the opponent. Older players mostly have a high clothinglevel but as stated before, there aren't alot of advantages. Back in the day it was hard to get gold. Now you get hunderds of millions each week. Back in the day you would be happy to level up townhall once a day (not to forget the cooldowntime on that). Forgotten how it was to get kyanite? Well, just 1 plant per day so you had to be really active with farming just to keep the medallion.

            No, i do not miss the old times. The game could be boring now but for a glimp to the past you can install Wartune on you tablet or smartphone to see how it was back then (well, the sylphs are availeble so it isn't really "back then" back then.


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              there is no advantage for playing 4 years vs. 2 years....we worked our butts off for our br and now you can start a new acct and get 10x our top br back then in a week


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                Devs have zero respect for players. If you haven't learned that by now, well... Titan Temple is broken, but no fix is coming. Sub-eud final strike bug has been around a while and no fix is coming. End season really early so we miss out on rewards?.. Right on it.