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Guild problems

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  • Guild problems

    So our guild master demoted all assistant gms, and removed all participants from guild battle list and no one knows what is going on. We were number 1 in strength on our server (S61) even though we lost the finals to another guild. We have the most active members of all the guilds on our server, and now we don't have any control over anything.

    Anyone else experienced this? People are talking about joining another guild or starting over. But starting over means all guild skills and guild level are at one. This dictatorship system is very debilitating. Can we get a game master to give us the guild control back?

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    It is simply stupid of you guild master. I strongly suggest all of you to leave that guild. Nothing can be done about it unfortunately though
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      If GM is inactive, after some time (7 days or something like that) you'll be able to vote for a new gm. But if he's active then there is nothing you can do but leave the guild and make a new one.


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        Move to another guild. Once you leave your current guild, your guild skills will be removed temporarily but will return once you join another guild.
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