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ALPACA JIGSAW PIECES: to save or not to save?

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  • ALPACA JIGSAW PIECES: to save or not to save?

    Hold on to them as it is likely that in the future there will be another event in which we will need to get more pieces to gain the alpaca mount. better safe than sorry
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    ALPACA JIGSAW PIECES: to save or not to save?

    I only accumulated about 12 pieces and am wondering if there will be another event to get more? I think it would be advantageous to the game moderators to have another event with this reward as I am sure many people were not able to get the Alpaca, but would save what we got to finish collecting them this next week (or 2).

    Please comment if this is a viable option, otherwise i will be deleting the useless items in my inventory in a timely manor:-D

    also, i found this Alpaca video on youtube:
    Its good for a laugh XD
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      yes,no normal player manage to make full alpaca,so we are all stuck with 12-13 parts.
      that prove this company care only for donators.


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        Read the post from me here... maybe shed a little light about "this company only care for cash players."!/page19

        Also, I would DEFINATELY save the pieces... seems like this mount, like others, will only be offered through special events. That being said... do you wanna be the guy that deleted them and then be wrong?
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          Save it! It only take one space of your inventory.
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            same as the star shard forgot to trade them. 11 of them are sitting in my inventory


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              Its one slot in the guild vault, so no problem keeping it


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                Originally posted by Tatman View Post
                Read the post from me here... maybe shed a little light about "this company only care for cash players."


                Also, I would DEFINATELY save the pieces... seems like this mount, like others, will only be offered through special events. That being said... do you wanna be the guy that deleted them and then be wrong?
                Well, Tatman, I can and can not agree.
                I have played many on-line games and really have to say this game IS too expensive.
                I have invested 2100 CZK, what is food for whole month for me. In any other game I have played, I would have full vault of super mega hifi stuff and the character would be a superman.
                Here I have only double skills, socketed set and tuned horse (by the mistake). I can only sit and watch how the gap between payers and non-payers goes wider and wider.
                I understand that this game can be cheaper in US western countries, but here not. I have to stop paying for ballens and can maintain only VIP.
                The result of R2Games strategy is that I do not have resources to socket lvl 55 set, buy better horse, buy covenants and after a month, my character will be rather mascot of his guild than a real competitive warrior.
                I have not decided if to continue or quit, but definitely had to reduce spending amounts.
                For me, the only acceptable thing is the crypt key. You can get helluva useful stuff for 75 balens. Thats not bad. But from my point of view, payer who spends 200 CZK per month for the remaining years is better than payer who spends two thousands CZK and must quit after two months because his character can not compete with the described gap. Thats how it is here.

                Free balens? Yeah, but it depends on country. In England or US, you can have millions of free stuff in various surveys, program downoads, videos, etc. Here (in CZ) you must pay for all the options except some rare videos that give you 2 balens...

                What I can agree with is that good game must be paid. Exceptional creative people who must pay the bills need salary and this salary must be generated by something, in this case paying players.
                But - as i said - amount of money spent must be accompanied by the feeling that payer got stuff, equal to the invested value. And in this game, many buyable stuff do not have so much value in comparison to invested money.
                For example socketing rods have only half of real value. If I drill the whole set, I need 7 rods, 7x185=1295 ballens and thats all I have. In this case I must pay for 2000 balens and only thing I get is that i can maintain the average level. After paying I did not get anything extraordinary.
                The money I pay are equal to substantial life expenses, here in Bohemia.
                For example in The West game 200 CZK per month helped you stay in top. The west still exists and posper, World of Lordcraft closed, was repaired a bit and changed into Wartune. So what is better strategy?

                So this is an opinion of man who invested large sum, according to the country he lives in, and from overall point of view did not get anything substantial...
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                  Originally posted by poowie3 View Post
                  same as the star shard forgot to trade them. 11 of them are sitting in my inventory
                  Trade them today!! The exchange button is back!!


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                    i will tell you then that in asian version it was recently-ish put in the mystery shop for sale, for balens, maybe they did do the event again next year..


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                      What the hell is wrong with the devs of ths game? You extend the Alpaca event yet you take away the shard from Group arena and take away the quest.Seriously?
                      So we work our *** off on the dam training and it's not even recording???
                      What is wrong with you people??? This game is getting really lame. I'm tired of it all.


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                        Originally posted by mjmuehlh View Post
                        Trade them today!! The exchange button is back!!
                        the quests r gone and the shard from arena is gone GO FIGURE


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                          i say save them all not for now only but for ever the game still new and each update come bring new stuff so save not only the cards but save every thing
                          i will give you this hint also PLEASE save your vouchers now coz it will be very useful next update
                          SAVE every single voucher


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                            Just to add to this thread of mostly justified rage.
                            The description on the "Lost Treasure" chests states, 1 ~ 3 Alpaca puzzle pieces and.... yada yada one other random thing. Ill say again... 1 ~ 3 Alpaca Puzzle Pieces.
                            From the start, I planned to do the arena quest daily, do the mount training quest as much as I could with mount whips I had saved up, and then with ones gained through the days of the event. Until, by the 4th, I had 14 "Lost Treasure" chests. Figuring, that, as stated, they each give between 1 ~ 3 pieces per chest, that, the overall average would be 2 per chest, then adding in my rather low luck, I had assumed I would get probably around 24-25 pieces. I planned to then spend balens doing the mount training repeatable to get a chest, one chest at a time, open, until I finally had enough to trade in for my lovely new Llama.
                            I opened all 14 of my saved up "Lost Treasure" Chests..... 15 Pieces. FIFTEEN pieces. To say that I was upset, is a mild understatement. That is complete and total false information provided by the description of the chest. Since, stating that they are 1 ~ 3 pieces per chest, when in FACT, they are a % based - probably something along the lines of, 90% chance to get 1 piece, 7% chance to get 2 pieces, and 3% chance to get 3 pieces.
                            I immediately sent in a ticket to support. Its of course, not going anywhere, but I felt like I had to say something. This was extremely upsetting. And it completely changed my mind from investing more money into this game in the future. I have played more than a few Cash Shop based games, some worse than others, but I can say consistently, any of them that started throwing out false and misleading information for HOLIDAY EVENTS AND PRIZES, thereby, basically ripping off there own player base, had awareness of there bad ethics spread like a virus through there own gaming community.

                            As a side note. I just did the math on what it would have taken for me to spend balens to do the repeatable mount training quest to obtain 15 more Alpaca Puzzle Pieces at the obvious rate of 1 piece per chest.
                            3 Star shards per chest, for 15 chests = 45 Star Shards.
                            5 Mount Trainings for 1 star shard, at 35 balens per train = 175
                            45 needed Star Shards x the 175 balens to train 5 times per shard....
                            Comes to a total of 7,875 Balens.

                            Can you feel the holiday spirit? Because I sure as heck cant.


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                              +1 I am also upset that I did the offers a lot and end up with 29 puzzle pieces. I have enough balens for the last chest yet there is no more quest.