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ALPACA JIGSAW PIECES: to save or not to save?

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    This game is focused only to money. As in its predecessor, World of Lordcraft, the goal is to make a game, let it live for one year and trash it with all the players invested to and then launch new project after a year.

    Personally, I will only maintain VIP level, because I have never seen so expensive game. The alpaca treasure could be done only if you used alchemy = if you paid more money.
    R2Games, I warn you. EVERY other game has payment advantage ONLY for making things easier. Here its only about strongest getting even stronger. And if, by some fortune, we can get better gear, the event ends sooner than we can finish gathering of resources.
    This will ruin this project and I do not see this game having long life as chinese people do not think about things they copy from other projects.
    As in World of Lordcraft, history repeats. If I will see third game after this attempt called Wartune, I will not sign in. If you will loose me as a paying player, I will not give you next chance. WOL and Wartune were enough for me.

    To stop this degeneration, Rguys, you HAVE TO make this game logic and ballanced.