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    Is there anyway to tranfer my account from server 681 to the newest server in europe? Please i want answears

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    nope cant transfer accounts to other servers if u wanna play new server u ave to make a new character


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      No such thing exist! It's second to having a class change card or a total lag free environment.
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        it can be done but it cost around 5k to do it.....I had a guildie who wanted to bring her 10k mage to the new servers but they said no cause it wouldn't be fair for the 2 to 3 mil players there atm.....but she pushed it and they came back with a price of 5k....I saw the emails she screenshotted so I don't totally disbelieve them and I know they can be faked....but it did read a lot like r2 says and does.

        she sold her mage and left the game shortly after.