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we have lost yet another good one.................

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  • we have lost yet another good one.................

    This is madbowman, g.m. of Phoenix. It was brought to my attention that the Wartune community has lost yet another good one. Goldberg passed away from a heart attack yesterday. There are too many good things to say about Goldy. How he could make you laugh. How he could make ya feel good when you didn't. How we would go out and kick some butt for ya when you needed him too. As awesome a guildmate as ANYONE could ever be. He was just a really good friend and a really good man. Rest in peace my brother. You will be greatly missed by one heck of a lot of people. You touched so many in this world.

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    Legends sends the deepest of sympathy to Goldie's family and friends. He was loved and respected by everyone on our server and a terrible loss for us. What a shocking and sad thing to happen - taken in the prime of his life. RIP Goldie.

    From a very sad Fire and the Legends guild.
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      The Kaiju Kommand (Das Kaiju, 632) extends their condolences and sympathies to friends and family of Goldberg. Rest in Peace.
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        A very good guy and a helluva thoughts and prayers to his friends and family.


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          My condolences to His guild-mates and his family.. Will miss our only defensive mage. He was awesome with his heal tree and always saw him in classwars. I did not know him personally but he sounds like a really great person.. R.I.P. Camages
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            sorry to hear about goldberg, i wanted to beat him, he was a very tough fight in class wars
            he will be missed