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Crypt tokens is soo bad

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    Really? Crypt keys are not that bad to get hold of. I once got 2 in a row in the same dungeon from mystery boxes and a boss or something. Complaining about the change since the patch is silly as it is the same except instead of 2 runs you do 1 run counting double, so in fact it is easier now. I'm level 46 and have about 200 keys and I got all level 40 rings and jewelry including one legend. I also have about 6 keys in my bag. Also instead of threatening to quit ask for advice to get deeper into crypts to obtain more tokens and save your keys to when you can get a higher level. This game isn't going to hand everything to you on a silver platter, though they do with arena tokens.


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      Threatening the game developers with quit?
      Yes, please go ahead and quit.
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        best just save all your keys until you can clear lv 100

        that way, when you clear gain 190 token's what i do daily anyway. you get 2mil+ exp and 190 token daily for clearing floor 100 daily. the key really helps now with that.

        190 a day x 7 day a wk = 1330 token a week. i got so much tokens it's taking too much space.

        your problem is you are not high level yet. once you are able to clear floor 100. you'll find that you have plenty of tokens...
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          Ty LJ i think that becouse of ur explanation i go ahead with lvls this way soon ill have all tokens i need