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  • Paying method

    Having to use my phone to recharge here's how it is :

    The convenient charge cost more than the actual vip price, so it is like close 19$ to activate vip through my cell, anything could be done for that matter?
    3 confirmations sms at 3$ could be reduce to 1 perhaps?

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    The extra charges are the cost of using that payment provider and any messages you are sent are from the provider itself. R2 has no control over things like that.
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      i charged with phone and im waiting 4 days to get my vip , i got confirmation from provider that money is gone to r2 but now support is sending my ticket from one department to another
      12.09 euro for vip with phone


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        go to , click store then click "here" like the pic shown for other payment method , problem solved
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