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  • vip gift rewards

    come on r2 who thought of this change

    firstly i would of removed luck stones and soul crystals first as u can get these widley from shops using insignia and guild contribution or fangs of fears

    secondly why remove imperial seals those was usefull and helpfull now its back to 0 to do in those quests

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    We completely understand your frustration at these changes and are happy to report your concerns over them. As always though, we never know in advance when things like this will be changed so we were just as surprised. At this time we do not know if other ways will be opened up for obtaining imperial seals but we will do our best to find out.
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      well for a start paying for vip is suppose to be a privaledge more exp more rewards etc

      but what you give every monday for gift rewards surley u can add stuff thats not game shops

      surley the luck stones and soul crystals etc thats easily obtained from game shops shouldnt realy be inside vip gift rewards

      r2 should demand the devs to replace luck stones and soul crystals to the imperial seals and adv marhe or adv sep then u would call that a vip gift

      as it is looking at it i wouldnt pay for vip if those rewards stay not realy worth the cash