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    with this new patch coming its going to kill all none vip players. you never and will never fix the lag in the one click so im saying
    this now give us the basic one click and let the vip's have the best one click. i know all or some vip's will cry about it but thats only
    because they want the power over others to be to great so they can always stay ..... if this does not happen you are killing off
    most if not all none vip players or is this what you had planned... we need the basic one click because the lag you never and will
    never fix is to much. what vip's do in 2-5 mins takes none vips over a week

    this gap will not just be show in astros but every other effect pvp and cross server any type of fight will show the gap.
    so let the basic one click be given free the vip's will still be able to do what none vip players can do. the def between the
    2 one clicks can still show a gap of hrs and days but it will be the def of having many quit or still play.
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