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120 items for 1000 Adv. Henna

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  • 120 items for 1000 Adv. Henna

    Anyone else having trouble getting enough items for this exchange these last few times? I have gotten it at least twice in the last few weeks but recently i havent been even close to getting it again.

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    It's always a crepe* shoot with those events. Sometimes you get the generous ones that you can stock up event items, other times you can't even get halfway there. Any time the tattoo exchange comes in the first half of the event cycle it's usually impossible to make even 1 exchange. When it's in the second part, you can generally pull off one or more exchanges, depending on which events you had to work with.
    The event item rewards have also generally gone down, though, so that has been making it a little harder over time.

    * yes, I know, the forum censors the right word


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      if they dont change anything to the event, we should get it nxt week again, in second half of the week, the res chrystal event in first half of week, with this event you can gain a lot of boxes. second half of week, hf and tattoo, if you save enough gold to do hf, then with this you can also get a lot of boxes, toghter with some other events, that week should give you enough boxes for exchange henna.
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