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  • Unbelievable...

    I knew that the producers of this game were money grabbing but LOL….

    So let me get this straight; In order to get people to give you money, you regress the rewards of the game and frustrate player enjoyment??!! Does this make sense at all??

    1. Removed TOK that gave 2k-3k whips and replace it with a 15 minute merry-go-round with A CHANCE TO GET 60 whips??!!

    2. Titan Temple generates NO REWARDS for the loser so there is absolutely no growth for losers

    3. Athens Wars: Rewards System is UTTER rubbish.

    Honetly you guys only needed to make THREE CHANGE for patch 6.3 (1) the exchange of Solo Arena to Road to Glory (2.) Introduce New Titans (3.) Astral Elevation.

    Some Christmas this turned out to be. What a ripoff.
    Merry Xmas Wartune- we thought you were getting better…lol… thanks for proving us wrong right before the money grabbing period.

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    they don't want the "free" players to hang around,i'm
    sure they would love to switch to a pay-to-play so you
    have to get vip to even play.


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      1. Before ToK broke to high hell, I used to take 15 minute breaks in between fights so I can drink up, think up, and sink up on the next match. Since then, when they made easy impossible, I just left it alone.

      2. That does suck big time. I guess it's no point to go into if you're the losing team. You get no rewards either way it seems.

      3. I haven't done it yet as I am weekly testing a feature, but some of the prices they featured are way too steep for the item/reward.

      Tried the Road to Glory bit, kind of liked it, but looked at the items and price for such which is too steep (60 GP for 1 whip, I don't think so; try like 5, 10, or even 15 for each if you want more people to participate). Also, I saw the milestones (after getting a certain amount of clearance points) rewards that are the same (10 whip, 200gp for each bracket; are you insane??). They need to do a lot of work if they want this to take off for the masses to enjoy.
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