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Adv Guild Skill Honor/Insignia nerfing

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  • Adv Guild Skill Honor/Insignia nerfing

    It only applies once a week as opposed to 3 times a week, which is a severe nerfing. They NEED to scale up the rewards 3x, otherwise it's a rather harsh nerfing. Either that, or give me a refund on all the developing potions I spent on those two skills when they devalued the buffs severely.

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    the best source to get insigna was g battel and tok nightmer and now both are 100% nerf
    chest Magic Square now are giving 75% soul cristal
    from 25 chest Magic Square i get 80 insigna and almoust all give soul cristal


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      And I still don't seem to receive any extra insignias for a loss. It's a very old thread. They should have taken care of it by this time, but it didn't happen.