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imperial war vs gb/csgb

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  • imperial war vs gb/csgb

    old gb was outdated but at least it had decent action for all of 30 secs and gave good honor and insig mixed with the adv tech for just showing up......
    it definately needed to be upgraded with new patch

    csgb was great minus the bugs it didn't really need to go anywhere just needed rewards changed up.

    this imperial war is the dumbest event I have run across in wartune for 4 years.....r2 I didn't think you could get more stupid than before.

    an hour of this boring sh#t, no strategy per say or diff type of attacking tanks, towers, turn in, ward.....just move to a post and sit once your energy is gone, no active fighting, fun pvp, just sit and wait for an hour.

    even the rewards are less than what we got before for making all 3 gb battles.

    replace this **** with old csgb fix the bugs and add honor and insig to it and keep the new reward shop and yaruma coins rewards.

    wishful thinking as I know we are stuck with this **** until who knows when.

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    a bugged game is the best they can do,and this seems to me
    some of this new stuff is geared to cut down the number
    of free players possibly.(except for those of us that don't
    really care about this game anyway.)


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      just out of curiosity,will there be compensation for this bug if
      enough guilds get screwed out of winning?at the moment waiting
      to see if a blue high score says the other team won.

      (eh,it worked out.just a graphics glitch i guess.)
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        I can't say I like this event at all. Its a few min of action followed by extreme boredom. It just feels like a giant cash grab. Don't want to sit around bored? Buy skills and energy! Don't like getting stomped over and over by the same whale who is buying skills like its candy? Buy inspiration! Its nice that they updated the rewards, but the event is not fun at all. There is too little action, the matching is horrible, and with the glitch, you get cheated out of your win at the end (if you were on the winning side; if you're on the losing side, you get the fruits of the other team's victory).
        I also noticed the following issues in fights:
        1) I was in a fight where 4 strong players were attacking me. I killed 3/4 of them, was 1 vs 1 with the 4th, when somehow, 2 of the guys I'd killed magically rejoined the fight full HP.
        2) I won, had the victory image over my head, and 3 opponents suddenly joined. It was not a separate fight. Instead, it was as though they were somehow able to extend the fight I'd already won and kill me while I was low HP from that fight.
        3) A player hit me with delphic and was killed by reflect. I still had 1k HP. My character was not dead, his character was dead. Nobody else was in the fight. Fight ended, it said that I failed, and sent me back to spawn.


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          it's easy to figure out,the bugs don't matter at all
          to them.all the stuff they do that makes no sense
          and seems to mess the game up,are made to keep
          the cash from cashers flowing.the only 2 choices are
          to become a casher or go 100% free player.if you
          opt to be a free player then find another game to be
          your "main" game and just do whatever in WT and stop
          caring about it.makes it easy to play if you don't care
          about all the crappy changes they make.


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            I just want to make a comment....this is the worst, boring, stupid event the way, my entire guild is in agreement with me. Be a cold day in hell before I spend balens on this event.


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              I just want to make a comment....this is the worst, boring, stupid event the way, my entire guild is in agreement with me. Be a cold day in hell before I spend balens on this event.


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                how do you think they would react
                if i put a link to another game in these


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                  I don't understand why they made csgb "post grab style" since NO ONE liked post grab in outlands , heck it is worse than outlands' ... old gb was fun so i just want it improved so it can last longer


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                    Most of the time I just AFK through such prattle because it's not even worth it at times for my full attention to be warranted. If they wanted to make it post grab style, lose the energy and watch all the posts light up as people scramble for such in up to 4v4 mayhem. Also, make the growth points more so people that have the numbers/strength to hold on can do so instead of having to sit an hour. I can understand if a few people from either guild showed up, and yes it should be like so; slow like in GW when a server first started and the last two ranked (7th and 8th) guilds were nothing but a few people.

                    Even though my guild won, only had 5 units deployed, it still wasn't entertaining enough with the wait times of nothingness. I could be doing something if I know I am going to win.
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