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New Events are a massive downgrade

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  • New Events are a massive downgrade

    Is it just me, or is Wartune systematically downgrading their events? Perhaps the idea is to reduce lag? In post grab, Imperial War, Magic Square, and the central crystal war, you have a mostly static board where you can't even see your own team, yet alone opponents. The graphics are prettier, but they waste those pretty graphics on static boards.

    Ares war, the replacement for class war, has replaced all the interesting strategy with luck. Bad matching, luck based skills, its just broken. I guess its fun if you are on the good side of luck, but if you're just getting hosed match after match, then its lame. Also, you may notice they changed it so that you have less on the screen. No more sylph troops.

    Athena War added a nice element of strategy, but I may be biased because my team had good matching. However, I do notice that once again, they reduce the players on the screen. The absolute largest fight you can potentially have is 3 vs 3, whereas the titan war it replaced was 4 vs 4.

    The rewards are also problematic. Its nice that they updated rewards for these "new" events. What is not so nice is the horrible matching, long wait times, reduction in the amount of actual action going on, and all the the "spend money here for temporary advantage" cash grabs.

    I also find Titan Temple to be very sub par. Its pretty much like trying to solo ToK, except with a lot more friggas. Higher BRs, and especially strong archers, can clear it fairly easily. Anyone who cannot kill before they sylph though will find a very frustrating and cheap experience. Between lag and Frigga steal skills, you barely get a sylph round while the opponents get extra long sylph rounds. You can use those skills, but they really don't help those who struggle the most with the event. Its nice that its possible to get this free growth, but with what you have to do to "earn" it, you have to already be a big dog to even have a chance.

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    what you say is true and i think r2 not see what the peoples problem is e will money money from noting and why you say the lag is already bug is already and not make this, give debil mp s and events when i crank and can not online come my " chest " failure and end give this s..... lucky exchange and fail my rewards r2 is great in killing the fan.


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      They don't want to take away their swirlies (on icons and certain places of chat), so they had to cut it from somewhere.
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