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    Yes it can..I'm level 45 Knight w level 33 angels (troop count 780) only but my angels can survive WB hit.


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      Originally posted by sinafteh View Post
      Best to have 2 skill tree.

      1 for defensive skill - dungeon/cata
      1 for offensive skill - pvp/wb

      For Astro, sub goddess for enshieldment (block)

      At level 60, put in goddess.
      Personally, I would prefer goddess to enshieldment. Just my opinion.


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        Originally posted by sinafteh View Post
        Knight's life starts after 45.

        I would recommend hardcore levelling, no point staying under levels.


        Go with this priority.

        After level 50, focus fully on HP gems and Block for gems and astro.
        Personally i feel that if u can afford it , refine and balen lock the following, best to do it with those lvl 60 wyvern sets

        1) Power 10 star - adds Patk and HP
        2) Endurance 10 star - adds more hp than HP
        3) Defense 10 star - adds both pdef and mdef
        4) Block 10 star - coz of enhanced block
        5) Mdef 10 star - coz after lvl 50+ you need it for Multi dungeons and also mages with lvl 55 pvp set are so pain.

        Just spend about 20k of balens to refine and balen lock them, it shld be ok.

        Things to aim for endgame, 60+ - 70+

        1. Pdef 12k
        2. Mdef 10k
        3. HP 50k
        4. Block 2k+
        5. Patk 12k+

        Endgame Gems. Assuming lvl 6.

        8 Pieces of Patk , HP , Mdef , Pdef Gems.

        For WB, Catacomb

        Patk HP Mdef - 8 pieces.

        For Multi dungeons.

        HP Pdef Mdef - 8 pieces

        For Arenas and Battle ground.

        Patk HP Mdef - 4 pieces, Patk HP Pdef - 4 pieces
        or Patk HP Mdef 6 pieces , Patk HP Pdef - 2pieces - if there are alot of mages in your server during bg.
        Guild SKill - Max all - including INT which adds Mdef.
        Astrals - Aim lvl 4 Orange and lvl 5 Purple astrals before lvl 60, after 60, aim lvl 5 oranges and lvl 6 astrals before 70.

        You may like to ask where does the extra stats come from? Maybe not enough to reach 50k hp or so.

        Well the other 2 things to focus on is

        1) Soul Engraving
        2) Mounts - get all the balens mount, get all the non balen mounts too - they stack. Train them to max level.

        Equips to focus on if you are starting in a new server.

        1. 35 pvp set
        2. 45 pvp set
        3. 55 pvp set - use this until lvl 80 i guess.
        4. Farming for lvl 60 PVE set when it is out - takes roughly about 7 to 8 months ( Aim 5 crystalloids a day , so it will reach 1200 at the end of 8 months.)
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