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MPD Attempts Greyed Out On Invite

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  • Meikura001
    started a topic MPD Attempts Greyed Out On Invite

    MPD Attempts Greyed Out On Invite

    Follow with me on this, if you will...

    Player 1 enters into the Hall of Heroes and gets a room. Enters passcode to lock the room from anyone else in joining. Sends out invites to Player 2, Player 3, and Player 4. The invites come with the checked in "Use Today's Attempt", so all players clicked in because they want to use the attempt. Player 2 enters, attempt greyed out (not checked in). Player 3 enters, attempt greyed out as well. Player 4 enters with attempt checked in. Players 2 and 3 exit the MPD room and were reinvited in. Both players came back in with attempts checked in.

    Sounds like something that happened with the other two players due to their systems/network connections? But what if I tell you that all 4 were on this side on this very system and network? Yes, it happened on certain dungeons like Dragon Invasion, Spire, and Tara Temple (that I had done) thus far. What makes it difficult is that you cannot check in the attempt usage box within the MPD (totally greyed out) that you have to go out of the room and back in. Even though this little test was 4 on my side, what if others are having the same problem by entering, not realizing the attempt is not checked in (even though they had it when invited) and just pressed the "start" button? That will make a lot for frustration as they will write it off as the MPD not giving EXP or rewards that they had to do it again.

    Since I done my MPDs for the week, it will be around Monday before I can get some images to show (if it's not fixed before then) what I am talking about. I place this on here to see if others are having that sort of problem.

    For everyone else, make sure you pay attention to see if your attempt is checked in (if you want to use it) before clicking 'start'.

  • MrFancyPants
    One of my group seemed to have that problem as well the other day. Looks like it may be a new bug.

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