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Catacombs Astral Help

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  • Catacombs Astral Help

    Stuck on level 80 of the catacombs.

    I was wondering if it worth using a pdef astral on my knight against the eye bosses. I know it has the one roll/spin physical attack, but its primarily magical. So should I replace pdef with something like the % damage reduction astral?

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    As a knight, you already have naturally high PDEF (plus you're probably using potions and scrolls, too), and since Fearful Faye mainly uses magic attacks, it is best to remove your Fortitude astral and replace it with something else that might benefit you, such as Goddess Blessing or Brilliance. Goddess Blessing would probably be the best choice.

    I've never really played a knight before, but this is what I would do if I were in your situation.
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