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Anyone else feels Odin is now useless?

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  • Anyone else feels Odin is now useless?

    Not sure about other people, but I personally got Odin for its AOE ability (2 true AOEs and 3 'random 2-4' skills).
    That used to be a complement for my hero's weaker AOE ability (being a knight...).
    Before there was eudaemon, the 'random 2-4' skills almost worked as good as an all-target skill.
    But for now, 'all targets' means 8 targets, random 2-4 isn't that much better than single target unless it gets a KO of some targets each time.
    But because the 'random 2-4' skills are weaker than the single-target skills, and all but one has a 45-second CD, in reality they seem even less useful than the single target skills.
    And Odin has no skills to regain extra awakening points or to reduce awakening points consumption (other than the one everyone has, Divine Howl).
    I have 3 delphics on its skill bar, but with bad lag everywhere, I barely manage to use 1 or 2 skills plus 1 delphic and got reverted back most of the time.
    The shortest skill CD I have is 15 seconds (1 delphic & 1 regular). The rest are all 45 seconds. Most of the time I couldn't even wait out the CD on one 45-second skill unless I don't use delphic at all.
    And its single-target skills are not as good as my Zeus or Ares (and Ares is actually random 1-2, so it CAN hit 2 targets at 430%) despite the higher BR (possibly due to the 5% PATK & +10% or +15% skills I got from those two).
    Now I feel like Odin is waste of the materials I used to enhance it.
    Anyone else feels the same? Or is it just me using this sylph the wrong way?

    PS. I'm aiming for a Frigga, but I'm afraid her skill CDs are even worse. I can be sure her awakening would stay for longer, but I fear to lose even more damage output. Any thoughts on this?

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    same for me but i put down to talents n titans stats others have, im working on eud awakening point reduction next
    Shadow Vale


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      As a knight, I really need the AOE skills, and Odin worked better than Frigga for his greater number of multi-target skills.
      But then they forgot to change his 'random 2-4' skills to AOE, which basically killed off his only shining point as a carry-on.
      I'm NOT a big fan of healing or shielding at all. That was why Frigga wasn't my first choice.
      Thor is my all-time favorite. But because of KH, I had to put him in the attic and focus on an AOE sylph.
      After KH, my hero has lost the ability to spam AOE, but my ONLY AOE skill is still weak to the point of never capable of one-hitting the first level of TOK EASY, which is something my archer friend with LESS PATK could do.
      First they made my hero's AOE skills useless (and took out my other AOE >:-(). Next they made my sylph's 'random 2-4' skills useless. And one of my eudaemon's delphics is already half useless (Delphic Radiant Judgement).
      I really don't know what they are smoking.