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For the Developers: How to reduce lag...

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  • For the Developers: How to reduce lag...

    Throughout my game play, and the patches that had applied, I've come across some real trouble spots that need addressing:

    1: The Swirlies
    Those bloody things that circled the icons and various portions of chat like they are important or something. It's not enough that we get eleventy-billion icons that flash upon our face so we have to have the glamour shot as well. Well, they are not that important other than to serve as a total system meltdown.

    Solution: Lose the swirls, indefinitely. We can read the chat just fine, so we can do without the constant swirl around text. This holds true to icons as well. If we want to click on an icon, we can do it at our leisure; not having it flash onto our faces and p*expletive*ing us off.

    2: The Hopping Icons
    Whoever's bright idea was to have bouncy icons over buildings in a player's personal city needs to be taken out back and smacked with a very thick, hard-backed phone book. About 20 should do fine. These hoppers made it impossible to do anything (and you would think the city was safe from cloud city when it comes to doing your activity).

    Solution: If you're going to use icons to let us know that we need some things to be done at some location (I prefer not to have them at all, or turned off via settings), might I suggest a static icon instead of a bouncy one?

    3: The Outlands Portal
    It's bad enough the portal is located at the "default" starting position; it's even worse when it swirls around, making it hard for you to move or close out certain pop ups when you log in.

    Solution: Move the f*expletive*ing portal elsewhere or give us the ability to log in at the position we were last onto to avoid such atrocity. On the latter, it will have to work when we get maintenance and/or updates as well.

    4: The Big Numbers

    Now, I would expect the folks in that very country to have good eyesight, so would someone please tell me why we get numbers as big like we are blind or something? I would rather have numbers like these (9800) instead. Having big a*expletive* font is not good because so many of them spell horrendous lag and system issues.

    Solution: Make the numbers small enough (like previously stated). Our systems will thank you.

    5: The Excessive Wing Flap
    I don't know. Traveling towards the sylph location (arena, expedition, sky trail) is like going through rush hour traffic on the 405. I can travel everywhere else without a problem (at speed), but when I get to this area, it just slows down. Then I look to find the problem: too many wings are flapping.

    Solution: I won't say change the characters there, but if you managed to get lag issues 1-4 done the right way, I can let you slide with this one.

    6: Cross-Platform (Server) Accessing
    This puts a lot on network resources; either from the client side to the server or server side to the client. Matching should be done local first (within 20 seconds), then global (if no local matches are found). This holds true for cross server event based items like Titan Temple.

    Solution: Try to make accessing local as possible (within our cluster first, then global).

    7: Clothing and Mount
    I can't stress this enough. Some clothing items are just fine without the flashiness. While the person will choose not to wear it on his or her person, that won't stop the other players from doing it. Same with mounts.

    Solution: Offer a setting that will have us turn off said flashiness when others come to play.

    8: Spyware and Tracking
    And the devs thought they were sneaky when they put in certain things to track a user. Between patches 5.1 and 6.2, Spybot Search and Destroy has only found 1 instance of said tracking cookie. After 6.3 came into the picture (as does any before 5.0 when I had played and knowledge), there are about 3-4k instances of tracking cookies: ALL FROM R2 GAMES!!! There was a rumor (as I don't know if it is still going now) that a certain java applet is also tracking a player with constant accessing every minute and when disabled, it won't allow said player to access the game.

    Solution: All spyware and trackers are bad. Stop using them to access our systems en masse. It will cut down on network traffic while improving performance.
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    Update to 8: What is being meant...

    I just did a scan last night as nothing interesting was going on in the world of Lagtune, so I am going to put in my result. Over 8k instances found, all coming from R2:

    Vicious! Approach with Caution!
    Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
    Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
    Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60