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Developers make some Changes for good !!!

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  • Developers make some Changes for good !!!

    I bet no one of the Developers care anyway but at least I have tried it !!!

    1. make a change with Worldboss this 30 second event is ridiculous, why arent you simply change it as Time Event last 15 or 20 Minutes
    and this worldboss get a few revives, cant be that complicated, makes no sense to play a daily Event when its over before it really have started

    2. Outland Game is totally nonsens 3 Month with the same Team, in my case this sore Team has 158 Players but only 9 are playing and this is my
    little Guilds Players no one else is playing cause only fake Characters in this Team only 3 Players with more than 4 Mill. BR and they obviously
    arent playing anymore, since the new sign up is coming finally after 3 frustrating Months make a change so every active player has a Chance to play in a Winner Team first of all Change the Teams weekly and for sure randomly I really dont wanna have another 3 Months in a Team where
    no one besides my Members are playing without any Chance to get a Win.

    3. Titan Temple who you think can play this ??? Stage 1, 4 Opponents with a BR no single Player can beat unless you have already 25 Mill. BR
    and this wont be enough I think, to play this Game nicely its not enough to be a heavy cashier you need to be a Millionair to afford everything
    you need for fun playing

    Would be nice if you could bring back the fun to this Game as it was when I startet playing 3 years ago have a nice x-mas

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    They wouldn't else we would have had a beneficial fix ages ago.

    1. World Boss needs some work on, to be quite honest. However, too many merges with players that have uber skills and BRs is the real reason why WB ends in seconds instead of minutes. Many suggestions, including yours, and a debate had been made in the past by players and not a single peep from the development team on such.

    2. Yep Outland does suck as I don't know how the matching is truly made. In fact, I am in a team where both of our guilds are no more than 110 versus 200+ for the other three (one being 300+). Not to mention at least 5 members of said team that had KH/Titans (and neither of our guilds are at that point). I am all for changing of the team or even switching off every month: AA BB CC DD (for one month), AB AC BD CD (for the next month), AD BC AC BD (for the next month); or however they can switch it (perhaps every 3 weeks since the season is 12 weeks total aka 3 months).

    3. I really can't tell you about this since I am not there yet. However, if it were me, I would have designed it that doesn't rely on the "one size fits all" method for all the players of KH/Titan Skills to enjoy. I don't say make it "too easy" for the whole package unless the uber powerful want to complain. I just say make it nice enough that everyone wants to pass the first 2 levels and then if they couldn't on the next ones, it will give them something to work forth on like I used to do when ToK was sensible (I was one stage away from completing the "easy" difficulty before the devs made a mess out of that).
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