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Wall of Shame - Frigga wearers

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  • Wall of Shame - Frigga wearers

    Deboneman, Wing, darquecallie... Please add to the list of shameful players that choose to wear friggas to bed. They are hurting all of us in Titan Temple and should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Players are not responsible for the game's faulty designs.


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      It doesn't matter how many players one may list, the biggest one on the shame wall should be 7Road/ProCity for even designing something like this.
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        It's not the players fault, and ofcourse they have frigga, it gives them more br.

        It would help if they take of eud skills, that doesnt hurt the br, but even so, to do so every night, i can understand they wont do that.
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          its not their fault if they want to keep using frigga and this trend start only after this patch, wonder why? because you wont find many who will understand how hard TT for us a mere mortal unlike them big wallet players,and not many willing to help by not using frigga simple as that, they just didnt want others to catch up. remember the old times when whale are willing to help like onimad,athena etc, still thankfull for all other who not using frigga though and as for other who still persistent i can call you a cupcake ( i know R2 gonna censored this).