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Bring back Guild Battle, TOK

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  • Bring back Guild Battle, TOK

    As a long time Wartune player, bring back Guild Battle and TOK. Guild battle has always been a integral part of Wartune and it was a mistake to remove it.
    -Bring back original guild battle with increased HP for WARD, WARD dies too fast.
    -Bring back guild battle with alterations:
    -Two Wards with increased HP on each side. G M would set which toons spawn from which of the 2 WARDS at start. After you die, user selects which WARD to start from. Max 25 players spawn at each WARD at start to cut down on lag. Increase the map size by adding middle tower at the center of the map. Middle tower is worth 1.5 times a regular tower in terms of battle help. Also allow for 3 WARD HP heals instead of the default 1.

    Guild battle is integral part of Wartune experience where you have real time battles. Slowly getting rid of all the real time battles (weekly) is a mistake.

    Also bring back TOK. TOK brought good rewards which users wanted to complete each week. TOK set a goal for high level players to obtain high BRs to help themselves and others through. The new TOK replacement (Magic Squares) has less to do with battles, strategy, real time, than puzzles and tricks. Having a high BR has less value in the new system. BR is what drives users to spend or play more and you have just undercut the reason there are people with toons who become Wartune addicts. Correct these errors before more old time Wartune players stop playing or quit.

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    Guild Battle that was needs to come back.

    TOK was bugged for ages and was never fixed, glad it's gone.


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      tok was good sicne it gives us more whips and what have replaced it is that stupid titan temple where we have no chance in beating the whole level at all. more ways for r2games to make us pay to their greedy *****.


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        Bring back GW mostly but rather it not limited to the top 8 guilds. Everyone needs to fight and join.

        ToK was a piece of s*expletive*. I too am glad it's gone. However, if we are bringing it back, two things have to happen: 1. Not have it "one size fits all" meaning all players should be able to pass it (including the easy difficulty) AND 2. Correctly designed to cater all players and not a select few that have wallets. Else it can kiss my m*expletive*in' a*expletive*.
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          Screw ToK. The only reason to miss ToK is the rewards. Solution, give Magic Square the old ToK NM rewards. Problem solved.

          It's bad enough that they just moved ToK to Titan Temple, and made it 1v4. If you miss ToK so much, have fun in Titan Temple.
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