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    hi dears , i've some doubts on 4 skill passives:

    sylphs passive: divine howl and divine wrath work only when we are sylphed ? sometimes the my aweking decrease also without the kh knight skill. and the work too in aoe? if the aoe d more hits , the trigger is always only once or for each hit on every opponent?

    archer knighthood passive: evil revelation and support expert have more trigger when i use the cluster bomb? i mean if i've 8 opponents and i do the cluster bomb and i do all the critics, the triggers are 24 (8 opponents x3 hits of cluster bomb on every opponent)?
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    Sylph passives should only work while sylphed. Your sylph passive does not decrease your awakening, it decreases your opponents awakening. 1 hit could decrease each opponents, on a lucky chance. Or none at all on an unlucky chance.

    Mages have a passive Awakening debuff, 20% chance on dealing damage. Plus Wind/Frigga have Steal. Plus Knights have a steal. I don't know anything about Archers though.
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