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All the knights, your dooms day is incoming

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    Even the screenshots dont mean a dang thing unless you can show me a true translation lol.
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      Originally posted by R21763422

      Knights' block-heal ability MAX at 1500/3000. so you can only heal 1500/3000 not more when you successfully block.

      1500 - level 1.
      3000 - level 2.
      Thats the actual in-game description for the skill in Chinese Servers.

      As for poster who said lvl 70 knights with 40000 hp, I seriously think that is an understatement. This could be the amount of HP for non-cashers. By lvl 70, I think we would have much much more HP than 40k.
      And the exact amount of life limit for heal would be 75k, I know non cash Knights can't easily reach this.
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        Originally posted by SirCyrus View Post
        Even the screenshots dont mean a dang thing unless you can show me a true translation lol.
        It means that "you will meet your maker in 21-Dec-2012."

        /just kidding.

        So I guess it's better to get your own translation.


        Being the good guy that I am, I have included the chinese sentence so you can copy / paste and translate on your own.


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          Originally posted by slash2n
          that's not a block nerf, it's a heal nerf for HP bigger than 75k which is somewhere at lvl 75, but u can use someting else (gems) instead of HP after reaching that value

          76.6k HP at lvl 77

          just realise a lvl 77 using a lvl 30 sword skin ....

          *Image from other servers removed
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            Originally posted by slash2n View Post
            I hope WB will get a "Deflect Arrow" buff (Increases defense against bow attacks).

            Just to be fair. Nerf knights in pvp, then nerf archers in WB too.
            that would be **, on my server mages are competing for 1st place


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              And... this Patch 1.5.. do you have a link to this? Some of us are too lazy to look it up ourselves. I haven't heard anything about the Knight class getting nerfed.
              Originally posted by rorolfgame View Post
              Patch 1.5, bock rate is going to be cut near half.

              While archers get critical rate to be doubled because they are whining all the time in forums. Also, the 4% hp recover will have a upper limit. lol.

              How about all knights quit the game since 7road doesn't seem like this class at all.

              Don't get me wrong. I have high level knight and knowing exactly what is happening in chinese version.


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                Originally posted by rorolfgame View Post
                . bad troll


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                  Anyway , it is easy to reach 9k block in chinese server. So maybe that's why there is a nerf to make the game fairer.
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