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Guys lets start to push and save this game

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  • Guys lets start to push and save this game

    Hello friends,
    after reading various posts, especially this one
    and browsing also to links inside it, I would like to discuss some tactics we could use together to communicate with R2Games.

    I am sure no one wants to see this game end soon and sure no one wants to leave invested money in few months of playing.

    Some of us also know the story of the game that Wartune stays on (World of Lordcraft) and therefore we know where this game will go if we, players will not do something from history.
    I have to add that I have spent around 100 USD on this game which is not much in US, but its a TERRIBLE money here in Czech Republic. And all I have is that I am still mere average player even if I sometimes play more than 14 hours a day.
    All I have is socketed set, good horse and double point system. Thats really not much for 100 USD!! I used to play many on-line games and always had full vault of extremely useful things for 10 USD. Here I have almost nothing unless I pay thousands of USD...

    Let me to conclude my idea and lets see if you will agree. If yes, I will file a ticket with link on this post and lets see how it will work.
    If nothing changes, there is no reason why to continue playing, but thats not my style. I do not want to give up and trash my money, I want to have this game as WE need, not the business managers.

    So the issue is:
    1) The game seems to be focusing only for gathering money from extreme payers and many experienced people quit feeling depressed.
    - balens must be here only to have the life easier. Definitely not help strongest people being even more stronger. Why wings should be only for balens??

    - prices of things must go down. The only sensible thing now is the crypt key. For 75 balens you get helluva lot of great stuff and double experience.

    - I would pay 185 balens only for permanent socketing rod. If it is only for one use, then the price must go down at least 50%

    - MAJORITY things must be also obtained for vouchers or some really hard playing. The only thing of this type is horse for 6k crypt keys. Why should be wings and good horses obtainable only for balens??

    - why the hell legendary shards were obtainable for consuming thousands balens???

    - how the hell I can make my first lvl 50 legendary trinket if nightmare dungeon is so difficult that I will be able to do it at level 70? And on level 70 I will need lvl 60 legendary trinket which I can get at level 85?? Is not that crazy?

    - why the bigger hell one free astral slot must be for 395 balens?? I want to pay for things affecting my battle rating, definitely not for service features

    - rare things must really be rare. Its not acceptable that I have some "extremely rare" item and see 100 players a day also getting it. In this case stop calling it rare :-)

    - covenant for 1200 ballens? thats a bad joke. Even if it lasts a month, 200 balens is enough.

    2) Players quit playing.
    To stop this previous point must be fixed first.
    - servers must be merged as soon as possible. I know western games have a lot of servers but its not for fun R2Guys, you know? Its because previous servers were full :-)

    - the game still has some minor bugs which really annoy players. Like single player arena, where opponents have 2 turns per 1 player's turn. Like in world boss battles where the battle rhytm is spoiled

    - the events must be long enough to gather the stuff they are made for. Its not possible to have alpaca for 30 shards if event can give me only 15. I know, I should have used alchemy, but guys :-D, in this case I would like to buy alpaca directly for balens ;-)

    - finally the paying players must have feeling their investments are worth of money. The issue is described above.
    The result of current situation is that many players left not to be bored, but to be depressed. Paying players like me refused to buy balens anymore, just are maintaining their VIP levels. Just compare:
    a) player will spend 100 USD and quit after a month
    b) player will spend 20 USD per month for the whole life of the game
    c) player will spend thousands of USD but only once and additionally such a player is very, very rare exception. I know only one player to be such person and he is not from our server.
    What income will turn to be the most earning one? I am afraid that b is correct.

    I am sure we all want to play the game for few years, not only months and we all would like to enjoy great battles. Nobody here wants to be stomped just because he/she did not turned whole salary into balens.
    Personally after paying lot money for me, I do not want to be hunted pray anymore and seek your opinion.
    Feel free to write anything you want here and Lets make our life happier.
    Of course, some good hints how to reach heavy casher if having low resources are welcomed here too.

    Many thanks,
    LordRaider, lvl 56 Mage
    S31 Demonic Crypt
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    Nice work buddy, you pretty much covered everything.

    R2s is here for the money but please listen to us, I know you love cash and we love the game.

    This is my first time seeing a game server that's in few weeks it dies.

    File a ticket bro, we need to be heard.
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      many suggest like you.i read maaaaaaaaaaaannnnyyyyyyyyyy thread like you.

      but,you miss one big mistake.

      in negotiation,you have to say the advantage of r2 if they want tu fullfill your idea.

      all your talk is just one side.for non cash user.or mid cash user like me.not for business r2 or 7road.

      if you want to say the advantage of r2 is many player not quitting? just forget it.

      you will not be heard.


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        another big mistake , they see this as business
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          It seem you cover most of important points why people quit this games !!!

          I hope R2Dgames read your posts, and may be improved games better.

          1 more thing. Since Wartune always have new server. Most of old server have probably not quite a lot of players. And the strong players, guild in there keep growing. There no chance for a new players to have his own guilld and able to stand up against those guild in old server.
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            Well written post. +1
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              Submit ticket now.
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                People just need to stop spending and protest until prices go down. It's supply and demand. If there's no demand, prices go down. Otherwise the game disappears.


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                  This is a business and they are here to make money but if they did make certain things cheaper they will make alot more money. Gems for one i would never buy a gem from the shop at that prices, socket rods are not cheap but if you ait till you get the 45 set or 55 set and buy your not spending much, crypt keys i can get form solo runs but iw ould like mystery keys to be on sale for 1 balen each. cross server mp dunged would solve our player base problem our server litterly has 2 mages that can run the level 55 mp instance therefore most of never get to run it. There f2p micro transaction game are the wave of the future they make much more money then a p2p game does


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                    another to add !!!
                    pls fix ur game from hackers b4 u decide on going further

                    no idea how the hell so much complains and ppl and myself see them still around.
                    fast leveling n crop hack n i believe even blacksmith & gold hack

                    pls dun kill the game : with hackers & ur sales ( why ur sale items never match what u states in forum ?)
                    players feel cheater


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                      +1 file the ticket. n im in verge of quittin myself. but, i knew it from the beginning. it will became money war. y'know, its chinese game, most of em (err, if not all) requires lot of money to become strong. yes u can become poweful without spending, but if u spend, then ull become much more stronger even a whole server unite together ull 1 hit kill emm all.
                      so, if u plan to invest some money in this game ask urself first, is this 2D/not so good graphic/low features/low interaction game worth ur $1000 or $10000??
                      be smart, like only using it on socketin rod, vip, etc. never ever using balen revive a wb. waste of money imo.
                      remember, theres a poor ppl outside of this dam world. even $10 can save many life.

                      note: reply >> "its my money, not yours. n its up to me" hehe lol

                      best regard all, keep the spirit!
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                        I agree completely. I have seen this happen to some other games. The companies focus on short-term profits and it damages the longevity of the game. After a while they start reducing the grind, expanding the ease and strength that players willing to spend tons of cash can obtain. The game collapses and the company moves onto their next product.

                        The only other thing I will add to the original post is with guilds. On my server and I have heard from other servers is that there will be one or two strong guilds ruling and eating up all the smaller guilds cause everyone wants to win. It kills the competitive nature of the game and makes it boring. I already have had a few of my friends leave as my guild was the only one that could compete with the number one guild and our guild master did a stupid move and most of our top members joined the top guild on the server making them even stronger. Now I was made guild master and a lot of my friends moved to other guilds and I am going to follow suit most likely but not join the top guild as I don't want that elitist competitive atmosphere I hear it has. Make it more worthwhile to be in a guild that isn't number one on the server. Give players more reason to stay. The guild battle participants list is far too big for the activity on my server. We never had 50 people online at a time ready to fight an we were number one in the rankings though we always lost the final. Over half the guilds in the competition would be no shows which was a waste of time for a big reward. Reduce the number of players allowed to say 25-30 to give people more incentive to remain in smaller guilds. Merging servers could help with this as well.

                        Now for the developers of Wartune, the question is whether you want to go for short-term or long-term profits. Short-term is what you are currently doing as you shortening the lifespan of the game to gain money quicker with all the new money making schemes and the way you keep opening up new servers and letting the old ones run their course after a few weeks.

                        The advantage of putting more emphasis on longevity is that you will continue an income instead of having a splurge of it and then nothing. Look at Blizzard and World of Warcraft, though I haven't played it for a few years. Over time the quality of your product could attract more members and overall be much more profitable. Also many players will be more willing to spend money on the game if they recognize this. As it is clear by the forums and from my communication with people in game a lot of people are hesitant to spend much money because they don't sense a good longevity and are not happy with the management of the game for many reasons, many of which are brought up in this thread. Reputation will also be greatly improved if the game is managed in this manner. Reputation is very important and will help enable you to make a much greater profit over time with the management of this game and future products.

                        Please listen to your customer-base.


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                          Click image for larger version

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                          business is business

                          if you do not have enough money to buy balens then quit

                          r2games is not holding you back

                          good game needs more money thats why we casher buy balens alot

                          go back to free "corny"/bad games


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                            Totally useless post with a giant picture taking up half my screen and does not address any of our issues and we all acknowledge the importance of them making money so please keep your useless opinion to yourself.

                            As consumers we invest time and money into this game. We have a right for our voices to be heard. It is all part of business. I have a BA in business so I know the importance of keeping your customers happy for a business. Customer loyalty and loyalty incentives to maintain a customer base so they will continue to use your product and even purchase future products is the direction businesses have been taking this century. If you don't understand, which you clearly don't then don't post.


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                              yea we know but at least think for other free players , no free players no casher no games
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