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Help "To Blitz or not To Blitz"

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  • Help "To Blitz or not To Blitz"

    So I have found that is more beneficial to blitz certain solo dungeons such as Buradoth's grave to get better drops and gold. I was wondering about catacombs though one of my guild members pulled a level 50 ring from it on blitz mode today. So my question, is it better to Blitz the entire catacombs, part of it, or none at all? Any help is much appreciated.

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    its depend on luck , blitz is way to good now ... so blitz is my answer
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      blitz all the way!!!

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        blitz get moreeee better
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          Blitz all the way for cata is much better. You can save on all those HP pots and troops lost when you are fighting manually, plus you don't have to fight the bosses you killed before (except lvl 100 boss), which you might have to use the scrolls and potions to beat previously.

          Some campaigns might be more beneficial if you do manually, especially if there are tombs or silver treasure box as blitz won't get these daru or open the treasure box for you.


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            I like to save gold so I will go as far as I can without pots or scrolls and then bitz to the end. Also for the first 40 or so I one or two shot everything which is quicker than blitzing.


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              Thanks for your input everyone I just started to blitz catacombs now