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Why i canceled my V.I.P subbscription and will quit the game when my subscription end

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  • Why i canceled my V.I.P subbscription and will quit the game when my subscription end

    Most of time , people who quit a game won't say why they quit . Also most of the time , people who say they will quit does it hatefully without anything constructive.

    I decide to say exactly why i stop subscribing and playing the game at the end of my subscription time. But also i will do it in a constructive way. At least i will try or die trying hehe.

    !st of all for me the V.I.P really worth nothing . In fact to really benefit of the v.i.p status you have to be lv9 vip. Each day of playing with V.I.P status gives you 10 points . In 10 days you got lv2 v.i.p but after that it take 15 days and from level to another one its always more days. But to get lv9 v.i.p with real advantages of paying to play this game you got to pay for months of subs .

    The only real advantage stop being one at lv40 . I talk about the the skip cooldown free to v.i.p. Its great at your 1st month of play cos it takes a month to get lv40 approximately. After that and even at lv35 or so you notice that you dont use that function a lot .

    The V.I.P wheel is like a big scam to me . You must get at least 40 token to get the max stuff you can get but you will never get the good stuff. You can ez predict what you will get . Its like programmed in advance that you will not win what you want. Notice that when u will get a gold prize in it , you can see the ammount of gold already in your gold reserves and that at the moment you press start . You know that you will got 20k gold 20k daru , some hp potions , skeleton keys, shadow stones , and crops and usually you got the 500k gold . But don't expect to get one of the lv6-7 gems. No advantage there that requier obligatory to pay for that.

    The ammount of bonus xp at lv1-2-3 v.i.p is ridiculous.

    But most of all , normally when you pay a subs for a game it is supposed to give you a certain capability to compete with other players .
    In this game you can pay for v.i.p but if you don't put a 200$ and more on your character and use an outrageous ammount of balens you won't be able to compete at higher levels.

    That leads me to why i will quit also the game .

    I hoped , like many players here that the latest game update could give to v.i.p's lot of new cool stuff to do or functions to use. Big deception , you have to pay for all those stuff , even if you are v.i.p.

    Legendary stuff is killing the game . Its again another thing that if you don't put large amount of real money you will be dominated by thoses who does. And that even if you pay a sub.

    They reduced the number of attemps on stuff that shoudn't have a limit for any lv of v.i.p. Like MP Dungeons of Catacombs. Instead the reduced the attempts on stuff i liked to do and made it hard for lot of people to find other people to do stuff with. Especially the lower level stuff.

    Money got too much importance in this game and since i don't have a 200$ and more monthly to put on a fictive character when i have to eat and have a home to live in.

    Since i'm competitive and noticed that this game is not for good players but for players with lot of money. Its frustrating to constantly being beaten by someone who is not a good player but beat you with his money.

    Its like the real World and i hate the real world .

    So this is mainly why i won't support the game anymore .

    Its a good and awesome game .... if you can afford to pay to win.

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    This game was created to take money. I see it as a hoax, you play and the people who want to waste money will do it anyway. You suck and then you wanna not suck so the people who didn't wanna spend money will spend money. Sure you lose the people who don't want to pay and quit, but you doubled your crowd of payers by making it a fully pay to win game.

    There is no skill, the only skill is probably to pick the easiest played class and then smash your face on the keyboard. There's no interaction besides click strong ability, use strong ability, person with better gear or class wins. It's not like there's a huge diversity of setups, or timing or anything. It's a pile of ****. I cancelled my VIP cause I'm sick of this joke. I only play to pump gold into my guild and then go on with my day. People dropping THOUSANDS of dollars on this game? You kidding me? There's a line companies cross to prove they want money, and it's been crossed and left in the horizon.


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      You are only paying $8/month. Not $800/month.

      For this price, I would say that VIP membership is quite valuable for money. (We all know about the VIP wheel thing. I also don't think we are supposed to get the $200 gems anyway).

      All you are hoping is to get a huge advantage over another player by paying a little bit of money. In reality, that is not possible.
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        Wow so much whinning and crying, I saw nothing constructive in your post Sylvain75. A month to get to lvl 40 with VIP?!? You kidding me?!? Instant cooldown useless...NOW you REALLY are kidding, right???

        Wasted 5 minutes of my life reading all this, to find nothing but whinning and whinning. Again: what was the constructive part? O.o
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          Actually, it's not a game among family members where one of them is cheating, it's a business. You can similarly blame an automobile industry for procuding extremely expensive cars. They have less expensive and still not bad cars, you choose this less cool car and feel ok. For sure, you have NO chances to make such impression that will be made by the owner of a more expensive car. Is it a tragedy? No.

          So in a game you have no reason to suffer from domination of heavy chasers, they can afford it and do have it, that's all. As for Wartune itself, due to first payment promo package with two awesome jewelries I had a wonderful advantage during my way to lvl 40, and this is only for five dollars! I will never pay 200 dollars per month for illusionary power of non-existant character, and I perceive top chashers calmly, I am not irritated by their power. It's like social layers, there are always rich and pooer people in a society.

          Wartune is similar. On my level there are players that are also extremely light cahsers and I can easily compete with them, it's interesting for me to duel with players that are more or less equal by power. When I have some new staff or a gem or an astral, I am always excited by the perspective that next 20 duel attempts I will test my strength and will see who is now weaker and who is still strong. I really percieve it as a game.

          If people quit because they feel bored, they will never create a topic about their quitting, they just quit (I have been doing it like this for many times). If you start a discussion about heavy chasers and non-cashers under the title "I quit", you just can't enjoy the game and evolving of your character. You can't take things easy and can't take pleasure from a process. As for real life, it's the same, to be happy, you also should just enjoy a life game, since happiness is not a destination, it's a style of travelling.


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            Well said Liska. "Free" to play games need to be taken in context. If you have fun playing then keep playing. If the reality that weird people will spend hundreds or thousands of real dollars on virtual stuff to dominate a game...well a fool and his money are soon parted.

            All in all this is less obtrusive than many others. Keep your gold on hand low and plundering is irrelevant, be content with trying to be the best of the non-cashers and I think it it's enjoyable. But if you are the type to get frustrated when the same no life big money loser kills you five times in a row in the BG in their quest to get even more powerful either skip the BG or leave that one and join another...however rest assured in every BG there will be someone on the other team who is a big casher and can kill the non casher with ease. Try to have a laugh about it thinking they've paid handsomely for the privlige. My suggestion? During those encounters build as much rage as possible so when you fight another non-casher you will have the upper hand at least in that regard.

            Personally, as Liska indicated, I'm getting bored by the repetitive nature of the game so will probably put it aside soon.


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              i am a VIP9 player and have been for about 3 months, now i am beginning to feel thats just going to burn holes into my wallet with no real rewards, this game is repetative and yes u do have to pay hundreds of dollars just to get things and keep with the pace of the game. it is inevitable that people will become weaker and strong get stronger its all about how deep ur wallet is.. saying that i really enjoyed my time as a casher but i will not be spending anymore on this game apart from VIP. i really dont think its worth my money anymore, in the end everyone will be the same just takes alot longer for non cashers. with the repetative and boring nature of this game i have decided to put my wallet away and play for free. there are many more great games being released very soon..


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                all game is repetitive. there isn't one that not repetitive. even your daily life is repetitive.


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                  Originally posted by onimad View Post
                  all game is repetitive. there isn't one that not repetitive. even your daily life is repetitive.
                  Haha, well said. +1 on this one.
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                    Originally posted by onimad View Post
                    all game is repetitive. there isn't one that not repetitive. even your daily life is repetitive.
                    Lol, man, you made my day I will tell it to anyone blaming repetitiveness of games
                    As for repetitveness, I should say that Wartune is the best of repetitive games that I have played so far. Actually this is the game of my dream, I have been waiting for it for so many months. It has a simple but incredibly strong advantage (for me): You can do different tasks almost all day long.
                    For sure, you'll have to do them tomorrow, but they are still various. And your power varies, your build may vary. And you don't need to wait when your energy is renewed (except for stamina, but it's only for campaigns), no need to wait when your health restores (and no need to pay balens for speed up!). As opposed to many other browser games, this game excels in offering many different ways to spend your time (and money, lol) there. I know what I am saying, I am a really hard online games player. Damn (Btw, if you are playing Wartune so hard that can find it extremely bad and repetitive, then try some real life for change )


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                      Bye bye.

                      You did the right thing.
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                        So long, dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

                        As to the context of your whine fest, you have just described every free to play game everywhere. You want the epic stuff, you got to pay for it. The COMPANY that owns this game is out to make a profit. I know a lot of idiots think that is a dirty word, but it really is not.

                        Now, as for your point about watching your gold supply when you click spin, "big yawn", yes your gold goes up when you click it, the system has picked a random number and given you the prize you won, while you watch the wheel spin. You are not watching a 200lb wheel spin around and having Vanna White tell you your prize after it stops spinning. Its instant, welcome to the world of high speed programming.

                        As for the update, "not doing enough", again "big yawn", they added a ton of content, then said, we not done give us a few weeks and we will add a ton more. (Hint, that part is coming Thursday.)

                        I have played many a game out there, one that fixed a bug, and heralded it as "new content updates", like it was something big. I see this one teasing stuff, and making it at least competitive for the non casher.
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                          You can still continue on playing after you cancelled your subscription. Just you will see your power dwindling (for obvious reasons) and very soon, you will join the ranks of non-casher. (cept VIP)

                          Why is it that you can't do that? A lot of people ARE doing that, hell, they don't even have VIP. You will get thrashed, no doubt. Same with cashers too. Light cashers get thrashed by medium cashers. and they all get thrashed by heavy cashers.


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                            i wonder why many threads like this.

                            is this one person who have many account and trying to abuse wartune?

                            i plan to quit too.but i dont hate because...wartune is very addictive.i dont care how much i spend dollar.because i understand this game like watching movie in have to buy ticket to watch.

                            and i have goals in my life.time to face the real world guys.

                            but seriously guys,try to ask hard casher who quit to play wartune.

                            they will say: "no.i quit wartune not because the money,it because i have to do some business in real life.i got a job and i dont have much time to play anymoree"

                            why you regret after you have fun with it? i dont understand.