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Put Muted Button in to the Guild

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  • Put Muted Button in to the Guild

    Hey. you guy should put (Muted & Unmuted button) into the guild. Only for Assts. officer an Guild Master, to mute the member 24hr for their behavior in guild.

    What do ya think about this suggestion?...
    put muted in the guild...

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    n ban account ye? wanna mute report this guy, seriously function like this will strong weapon in kids hand (kids i mean not only childrens, but n older ppl wo brain)

    btw, u can kick this ppl , why not? for example in my guild 70% asians they always wrote in chat "kwkwkwkwkw" n a lot of stupid smiles, how do u think its a reason for mute? n how fighting effectivenelu with it
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      I think it would be a great help handling some situations! So +1

      What to do, currently, if a member, who has always been a good guildmate, and therefore does not deserve a brutal kick, suddenly starts talking nonsense on guild chat?


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        i support this idea, aslong as there is a log of who mutes who to check for abuse and to check the log for what has been said.
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          Er if mute power is in place. there must be a limit! maybe only 3 assistant master can mute at a time =D


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            I really cannot see why there should be more limits on such a fuction than on kick or demote...

            People appointed assistant GMs or officers are meant to be responsible and have the GM trust to manage the guild in his/her absence. If it is not the case in your guild, a good advice: leave!

            Accoutability through the log is a good idea tough, to avoid or punish abuse.


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              how about to fix blacklist button?that should allow ppl to completly block that person,including his/her chat in all modes(,normal...)
              problem solved.


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                Blacklist has nothing to do with Guild Mute...

                Blacklisting is a decision to be made by each player and affecting all chat channels, while Muting is a mild Guid sanction, taken by officers, allowing to protect the Guild from a temporary misbehaviour (flood, insults, ...) of one of its members...


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                  Originally posted by R23126400 View Post
                  how about to fix blacklist button?that should allow ppl to completly block that person,including his/her chat in all modes(,normal...)
                  problem solved.
                  +1 I agree with this, there was a guild member in my guild that would always trash talk people just to start fights, I had him on blacklist but it didn't do anything at all, he could PM me, could still read him in guild chat.....needless to say our guild officers when they caught him doing promptly booted him, but till then the blacklist did absolutely nothing.


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                    Obviously, if blacklisting does not work (never tried I only resort to such extreme action if really needed, which did not occur yet), it should be fixed...

                    But this is to be posted in the bug report section and has no direct relation with the suggestion of Mute guild function.