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Guild mine or farm

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  • Guild mine or farm

    my suggestion for a guild mine or farm is not to be like a mine in the wilds or like your farm, but i wasn't sure what to call it. My idea is to get things like xp, gold, daru, etc by something similar effect like the skill tower we have, so only those who contribute and level their skill in this mine/farm will get the bonus

    I think having an hourly rate would be good

    And for some ideas of things that should be on it ...

    100 / hr for exp, daru and gold. And every level is increased by 100, so lvl 1 is 100, lvl 2 is 200, lvl 3 is 300 and so forth.

    10 / hr for contribution, vouchers, And every level is increased by 10,

    1 / hr for balens , skeleton keys, crypt tokens, insignias And every level is increased by 1,
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    This is a good idea. Can be refined more though.
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      i thought i wrote it straight forward.

      It works the same way as a guild skill tower, you level the things you want with the contribution you have with your guild, The rate could be similar to what is offered in the guild skill tower. I just added the basis of things we need to play on the list but maybe there are other things that could work for this too.


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        I think Guild Mine exist.
        Just... "Coming Soon..."


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          Originally posted by iStorM View Post
          I think Guild Mine exist.
          Just... "Coming Soon..."
          when is this soon?