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this game never going to get fixed

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  • this game never going to get fixed

    i dont see why we even post things on this forum when the support is horrible and the mods cant really do much . i dont even see this game going to survive much longer since there is lots of new games out there and their support is way better than this. when this game first came out it was great then all of these stupid patches came out which made the lag worse and they removed the cache so we had to refresh this stupid game every 30 minutes. I dont know why the developer didnt bother to make a install base out of this game so the file can be saved on your pc and so the files can load faster and the lag would be from their internect connecton not just the whole application. The last time i sent a ticket to support regarding the titan temple crappy gameplay all they told me to do was wait and is glad i am still a devoted player to this. I dont think I will wait any longer since i see nothing is being done for this game and they keep getting more greedy now. so comig 2017 lets hope they do make changes but i am not going to hold my breath.

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    I think they want to shut the game down, but in the process they are making a fortune while doing little as possible. I think they have the know how to make this game so much more enjoyable, fix any bugs that show up but they don't care. Anytime a bug that benefits players shows up, it is fixed instantly. But whenever a bug hurts us shows up, takes months or is never fixed.

    Also think they want to see how much us players will put up with no matter how bad the game gets. They game could be so much more enjoyable and they could make so much more money than they are now but they don't care anymore.


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      Unless there is money involved and you have a mountain of evidence, tickets get you nowhere (from my experience). Even when you're right, nothing happens. I'm quitting soon. There are so many good games out there and this one is just a waste of time. They don't care about us and things like Titan Temple which is basically casher only has tilted it to a pure cash to win. Non-cashers could do alright before, but not now. Merged sylphs, extra titans and the massive bonuses for TT makes it doable... for cashers. Not the rest of us. My advice, find a new game.