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Snowball Fight [From a Twisted Metal Point of View]

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  • Snowball Fight [From a Twisted Metal Point of View]

    Ever wonder how I manage to get the top prizes and/or the winning side each time a Kaiju is in battle? Gather around the heap that is my ride for battle, and I will tell you:

    1. Time over and over again, I would see folks engage in "willy nilly" battles (you know, the kind that has everyone engaging each other in a 1v1 fight). Not only it slows the kills down, but it takes a long time to get anywhere. Scope around the battlefield and team up with your buddies by engaging a single target to rack up the points and putting that vehicle out of play.
    2. HUD Display is your ally. Learn it, use it. The first seconds, you get an empty field as players are going in. Just pound away at a target. After that, you will see the first timer counting down for skills; this is the moment you pause and scatter to find something to arm yourself with so you can literally bomb your target. The next reset is for the recovers, shields, and speed. On the bottom is the revive countdown as it keeps going. For example if you kill someone at 7 seconds on the counter, guess what? That person revives in 7 seconds; same way if someone kills you with 7 seconds left, you come back in 7 seconds to blow him/her up some more.
    3. Daylily is your best friend. Why? Because it's the only weapon you can combo press (and fast shooting) 1 and Q at the same time to wipe your opponent on a 1v1 as it takes about 5 or 6 combo-based shots to destroy. Other secondaries are good, but some are either slow in cool down, casting, or targets may move away. If you see another Daylily, make note of it so you can go back for a reload, praying that no one else picks it up.

    This, boys and girls, is how I win most TM themed matches. Oh and it helps to have a soundtrack going to get into the devious mood. Just pay attention if you see me, and keep your eyes on me, else I would be coming from behind with a devastating combo that will blow you out of the field. See you out there. *starts ride and drives off to the next battlefield*

    PS, If I get to Rob Zombie's "Meet the Creeper", you all are in trouble (on my server cluster) as I will think I am on Calypso's blimp for the final battle before Primevil comes out to play.
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    I don't know if this holds true for all servers, but on my servers, its very common to see teams all clustered together and holding still while focusing a target. This allows me to use hail and mist to really rack up the points. I can also make myself hard to target by hiding in their cluster. The aoe takes longer to cast and has longer cd, but as long as they stay bunched up, I have both perfect cover and easy targets. Also, morph cards are no protection against aoes since I don't need to target individual, just target the group and nuke.
    The biggest down side I see to Daylily is that the fast cast and cd means you also are running on empty fast. Depending on your opponents, you can sometimes grab Daylily, get fast points, then grab another skill and keep going. The most annoying use I see for Daylily is when someone decides to keep a player from getting a skill, they can use Daylily and snowball to constantly interrupt before you can pick it up.