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OK so, can someone who actually reads Chinese confirm one way or the other?

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  • OK so, can someone who actually reads Chinese confirm one way or the other?

    We keep hearing "in the Chinese forums class X is complaining about class Y because class Y is so OP and imba".

    The X and the Y seem to change once in a while. When people complain about mage being OP inevitably someone says "in the Chinese servers all they complain about is mages being too OP". Then when people complain about knights being too OP (my guess is after cross server arena), then people start saying "in the Chinese servers they all complain about knights being too OP".

    So either someone is making things up, or things really have changed since then.

    Which one is the truth?

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    If you've ever played mmo type of games you know that every class complains about half the other classes. Just go check out world of warcraft class forums. I bet 8 classes are crying about being gimped and the 2 classes that are currently most powerful are saying they aren't overpowered at all. Aside from the fact that chinese servers matter little (they are 1-3 patches ahead of us, their cash stuff cost less and they have more stuff)

    Anyway, class balance is always subjective. When you lose, is it because you messed up your skills? the other person got lucky with crits? is it their br? their astrals selection? gems? Most of the time you don't know, you just get destroyed by (or destroy) someone with little idea of why exactly it happened.

    Only thing most people can agree is that archers are currently weak. And it's not even that they are weak it's just their role sees very little play time. Mages do insane aoe damage - there are always multiple targets to hit (exception being wb) Knights have high pdef and hp and good damage, making them perfect tanks - you need tanks in ga, and having high survivability is good in bg and arena. Archers have high single target damage - too bad there is no pvp situation where it's 1v1 (save guild battle if no one else joined.)
    Combine above with the archer vs mage - mage quickly kills troops with aoe, and turns it into a 3v1 giving mage a clear advantage (archer does have higher hp) and archer vs knight - knight has high pdef and block/heal meaning that archer damage against knight will be the same or less than knights damage against archer, while knight has more survivability.


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      the only truth i know.. that every class is good depends on how u build them. but the only class that had skill nerf is archer's deepfreeze.


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        Meh if u cant see that both are classes are op idk what is wrong with you. Mages suck 1v1 but have the advantage of using 2 rounds of aoe spells to kill your troops while at the same time damaging you and then slowly trying to work down your hp. Knights higher up are crazy since at those lvs they will have lots of hp and defenses which will bolster the durability of their shield and have spells which reflect damage and at the same time they can do a good deal of damage as well.

        Archers are the only class that suck in this game to me, they neither get a phy or mag def boost and hp which in most cases does not help alot. They are get crt boost which is but but those trinket sets as well as astrals just ruins it for them.

        Their skills are luck based as well with very high rage requirements. Oftern time one will never get to use all those skills before he/she is dead.