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Suggestion for some items 2.0

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  • Suggestion for some items 2.0

    Dark dragon invasion gives too many mount hoofs and dragon essence, which become useless after having played for at least a month: you max out your dragon soul in 4 weeks and you need only 1k hoofs in a month max.

    I have discussed the option to change the rewards of the dungeon or adding options to trade dragon essence and mount hoofs for something more useful, but there has been no change. Therefore, I offer a simple solution: make dragon essence and mount hoofs have an item price of 10000 gold for each one.

    As a result, once they lose their original purpose, they will not gather dust in guild vault in stacks of 9999. Instead they will be sold as soon as aquired for a decent amount of money. It's a very simple and safe solution and I hope it will be implemented.

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    Even though I do need the latter so I can get maxed, I can do without the former and would love this idea to sell off the excess as it will take about 500-600 (crits and all) to do one 5-star mount.
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      Agreed. 1000%.

      Dragon Essences are worthless after very little time spent. I've sold stacks and stacks of Mount Hoof for the measly 1g each just to open inventory space. Either give them an actual sell value, or some sort of hoof to whip exchange. Even as someone who has more than 3/4 of the mounts available, if I didn't stop at 500 hoof per day of the event, I'd be maxed out on day 1 or 2 of every event cycle. Imagine not getting a new mount 2 or more times a month?
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        it is very difficult for a non casher for upgrading astrals..specially red astrals higher than lvl 6. (capturing about 100k+ astrals without one click captures.) we have to click atleast 75k times to get 100k xps for one astral. is it imposible to give some flexibility for non cashers to capture astrals? atleast to provide keyboard numbers for each type of astrals...thank you


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          I'm 100% non cash n I've have max my astral lvl 10
          I am too good for this game.
          85% max eud too lvl7 skill book n 2 lvl 6 .
          God I am the strongest non casher here haha