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How to Improve Winter Event

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  • KS222
    started a topic How to Improve Winter Event

    How to Improve Winter Event

    1) Since morph cards are allowed, but create much drama, perhaps the devs could fix this just by having all players assume a random morph upon entering the event.

    2) Anyone who remembers the hawkstrider event remembers what a bad idea event items from seeds was. Its a huge source of drama, blacklisting, etc. Here is my suggestion: Let's change harvest "sharing" so that it is doing something nice for a player rather than stealing from them. All the harvested crops go to the player's mail (or into inventory if player is online) and the harvester gets an event box as a reward for their help. This event box would not be taken from the player they helped, but would be a reward they can collect (naturally, devs would limit how many times you can collect reward). Its the holidays; there is supposed to be a spirit of generosity, not stealing from your friends.

    3) We collect fruits from farm and trade Santa for gift boxes. Why? When I harvest 100 fruits, that's a lot of clicking. How about having the fruits as the item, rather than adding this extra one we have to trade for? If that's not possible, then how about at least letting us fill in the amount to exchange, rather than click, click, click...

  • Meikura001
    1. After it was said that morph cards are fair play, I had a few that I went and done the morph thing. It's really not that different other than probably giving you about a 10% boost of speed without the power-up. With the power-up, it somehow slows down. So it's not this super speed that everyone is complaining about. Some morphs are easy targets while others require knowledge (for those weapons and tactics specialists out there) on where to target (select that player on) by clicking; most of the time the target has to sit to fire, so that's a good moment to click to lock-on and pummel away.

    2. I think I was gone during that time after a few months of playing BORE-tune where I was not getting anywhere in development and the EXP was at the point of diminishing returns (remembering it took weeks just to get a level so I can do the next set of dungeons and hoping I won't be at a standstill again). But, this latest emergency maintenance messed up my rotation to the point I lost a lot of fruit due to trying to get in to tend and harvest (yes, I timed it and it was well beyond the 3-4 hours I would expect for R2 to do their maint on but they messed up big time). However, I do get what you're saying on such. People do steal hence why some people are not accepting any friend requests so they can keep their max farms at peak performance. I do think it's a good idea for such, but this is R2 we are talking about (along with the developers). If such thing does exist, then it would be a miracle.

    3. I harvest 180 fruit in under 10 hours. While it is a lot of clicking, somehow I feel I am not clicking 72 times unless I am super fast all of a sudden. I would agree that we need a quantifier so we can input the number of boxes we want from Santa with enough fruit to trade for such.

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