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Cross Server Guild battles

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  • Cross Server Guild battles

    Before you all go earlier server have the advantage, hear me out

    Notsure how many servers there are now due to server merges and such but make it a pool based on guild stengths, 100K to 125K, 126K to 150K etc, as guilds get bigger or smaller they fall into those brackets.

    Top 16 of each bracket competes.

    Bigger brackets = bigger rewards, smaller brackers smaller rewards, but all get to compete and have a chance instead of one guild dominating each server.

    AS time progresses the competition will change as guilds go up or down in brackets, as the brackets themselves have to change accordingly totake into account growth and number of competative guilds overall...

    there would be a total of roughly 70-80 brackets of 16 and would grow as more servers come online.


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    I would be concerned it wouldn't solve the problem of everyone flocking to the top 2 or 3 guilds but the bracket idea should alleviate that problem somewhat. Also some kind of competition between guilds within servers is good to maintain for the community of each server so maybe some kind of balance can be struck or something else can be brought into play for servers within guilds to compete with each other for.

    The problem on S61 is terrible right now with one guild dominating.


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      enough with this , too many post about this already ._.
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