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Some new guild blessing items

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  • R2111470937
    started a topic Some new guild blessing items

    Some new guild blessing items

    I propose these items for the guild blessing, but really, they are items generally missing from the game, thus can be added anywhere.

    100 farm points (making up for the deduction in energizing points, in an area where there has always been a dearth of point sources).
    100 wilds shop points (a reason to care that the wilds shop still exists)
    100 astral points (has never been available anywhere outside of astral collecting)
    100 honor (just because)

  • Meikura001
    100 farm points
    Are we talking about farm EXP by some chance? If so, I would propose they ditch the 200 EXP daily limit that you do for others and make it unlimited. Most of the people I know have maxed out farms with 18 animals and 18 plots that I can only do up to a small amount of them due to this stupid rule. That would be the better option.

    The rest, well, might be good, but not as the first.

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