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dear R2

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  • dear R2

    How many times you will let arena so slow,if you dont see it's unplayable,maybe you need use your brain. wind/water sylph against others ones is ok for you,you dont see something strange,or you're just too busy to count the money you steal?
    I dont think you're able to change something to have a good game,it's too late now,like a lot of players i'm still playing coz i spent money on this ****,so do nothing,stay the same,be happy to still earn money with this game,but dont think 1 minut you do a great job.

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    How about new difficult and challenging dungeons for our toons to explore....many strong players have toons that can just auto hit and kill everything in the dungeons currently in the hall of heroes. the game needs new multi player challenges for the overpowered characters we have made...too many players are bored


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      Even new dungeons will be boring after few weeks if money give the power to be strong quickly,till money will be the "fuel" to be strong,they can add millions of dungeons,you will still have players enough rich to max their char few days later,of course R2 like that.
      Their goal is not to do a game for all but for cashers.Only need to look events with beginner's mine,treasure lode,recharge pack ,recharge gift pack,golden road,rider'sbox,clothing box,recharge prize, big spender etc etc.
      They done a good job on this point,to put money the only way to be strong slowly year after year,but without add true multi-players dungeon,as we had when we started.except if people think magic square is an interesting multi-players dungeon.


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        Originally posted by faboulous View Post
        or you're just too busy to count the money you steal?
        not to defend R2, but they didn't "steal" your money. the idiots are blindly offered them to R2.
        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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          you're right about "idiots",i'm one of them,steal maybe was not the right word to use yes,it was just to say how a free to play changed to be a pay to win


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            Big fat juicy carrots this game has given us over the years....and were the donkeys with blinders on that have those juicy carrots right in front of us... always just out of reach and can almost taste them... if i just push that recharge button and spend that carrot will b mine....but.....whats that another big juicy carrot just appeared right in front for just a bit more recharge and i put the donkey in the stable and now it eats cheap grass.....recharge to spend to recharge to spend is the never ending donkey following the big juicy carrot right in front of its face


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              not to defend R2, but they didn't "steal" your money. the idiots are blindly offered them to R2.
              At this point, two phrases come to mind when I see something like this happen with people and money: "Hee-haw!" and "I told you so!"

              As long as we get people spending foolishly in hoping to max out everything in a short amount of time, we're still going to have problems. This game was meant to be played in a way that it takes a long time (for the average player); and probably enjoy it. However, when we have folks spend to "rush" maxing, then yes, it would be boring for them while frustrating for the rest of us (ToK in the past, now Titan Temple is a prime example; another would be World Boss).

              I got a solution: STOP SPENDING AND WAIT! Lock those wallets up, boys and girls.
              Vicious! Approach with Caution!
              Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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                yes would be nice if they upscale the mpd hall of heroes

                1: make bosses extremley hard so even the cashers are 1 shotted by bosses for at least untill they get gears to kill them

                2: make new gears from drops a: easy drops b: medium drops c: rare drops d: ultra rare drops

                3: make sky trail new lvls add stronger bosses their also ultra hard 1 hit killers even cashers ave trouble killing

                about time r2 made things intresting and more difficult for even cashers to complete

                this way making cashers spend more lol
                Last edited by Xharry005x; 01-14-2017, 01:09 PM.


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                  How can we call that a game when you need only few sec by spending dollars you'll be stronger than a guy who play since 4 years.


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                    the power creep this past year on this game is unreal......smelt, advanced tattoos and tattoo engraving increased players BR to ludicrously high amounts... players that potentially had no smelt leveling done can now recharge $300 dollars and gain thousands upon thousands of smelt stones with the Big and Epic spender events. a toon with no smelt leveling done at all could instantly gain 25 or more levels of smelt..... talk about a huge boost of Steroids or Adrenaline


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                      Haha I'm the only player r2 didn't get a cent from . Suck to be u guys. U want problem solve than go boycott spending for a month than youlll see result.


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                        you really think if few players boycott recharge, it will change something? rich players will still spend money ,they dont care to boycott,what they want is to be on top with BR ,Ask them do not spend with the risk do not be in top 10 BR after a month and omg be killed by another guy,they could be affraid